Wedding plan tips

Use this as a general guideline for getting the biggest tasks taken cake of before your big day.

1. 6 months before
1. Announce your engagement to your friends and families.
2. Make a list of what to buy and Make a budget.
3. Choose a wedding theme and wedding party
4. Start to have a healthy diet and make a plan to keep fit.
5. Visit the site and look into the magazines, when you confirm the dress your like, then you can order it.
6. Crate a guest list.
7. Find decorations and inspirations on pinterest.
Here are some A-line wedding dresses for you
wedding dresses
wedding dresses

5 months before
1. Contact your lovely and kind bridesmaid to get the dress information and buy them.
2. In order to show your most beauty side to your guest, it is suitable for your to make a skincare plan.
3. Book the florist, photographers, Dj and caterer.
4. Send out save the dates.

2 months before
1. Write wedding vows
2. When you know the inspirations, it’s time to start your DIY projects.
3. Select the shoes that match your wedding dress.
4. Break in your wedding shoes
5. Confirm with the vendors.

1 month before
1. Finalize the DIY projects
2. Attend the bridal and bachelorette party.
3. Select a suitable and beautiful destination for honeymoon.
4. Organize shoes, gown and accessories.
5. Obtain the marriage license.
6. Order favors and guest book.

1 to 2 weeks before
1. Cut and dye hair
2. Pack for wedding day
3. Confirm date and time with all venders

1 day before
1. Manicure and pedicure
2. Drink enough water and keep your skin wet.
3. Have a good rest and make sure that you get a sufficient sleep.Because you are busy on the second day.

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