Tips to make your wedding special

Wedding budget is very big,it will basically cost plenty of money, it include the fee of renting chair and all the other fees from hiring the makeup artist and rental other things. However, not everything making wedding special needs to pay a big price.Today I will introduce several ways to make your wedding special.

For advertising material, you could upload the video to the YouTube, which can be a good way to let a guest feel excited about the wedding day. 12 days before the wedding, you can also consider to send a funny or interesting facts about yourself to your guests who live the hotel room. It will certainly cause their attention, and show your great respect, time and thoughts.
wedding details

Hire a good musician
Please remember, not a luxury ceremony, just venue rental and food and beverage opens the other choices on financial, because it really let the life become intimate and unforgettable things. Considering hiring a violinist or cellist, in a cozy restaurant private room to play for an hour, at the same time with a new law or a folk band to have a picnic in the park for a picnic, and invite the closest friends with you.

Design the wedding ceremony.
The bride and groom can write and read their own their personal vows through music on the ceremony. Some couples even write the script of the entire ceremony for their officiant, include the personal stories and anecdotes. Run with a theme or simply use words and phrases suiting own personality.If you select your host, be sure to ask some questions about his or her willingness to cooperate with you.So the next step is to customize the ceremony.

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