Tips to have a Small and Intimate Wedding

Would you like to maintain your guest list on the smaller size? Today i will talk about this and you can take note of what is beneficial for you. So you will know how to have a small and intimate event.


The wedding celebrations can’t be confirmed unless you know the size. If there are a small group of people, you can have a more personal celebration. At the same time, the couples will spend more time on the communication and interact. And the group have more opportunities to know each other. Talking about the common interest, dream and interesting matters in daily life. Everybody devotes themselves to the event in his or her own way. Wear your nice simple wedding dress and enjoy it. So intimate celebrations has its special advantages.

1. Treat Your Guests Well

As we all know, it is not difficult for us to focus on the details of small event instead of big ones and we will go all out to make everything perfect. The rehearsal dinner will be prepared carefully and your guests will enjoy them. Because the size is small, you will pay attention to the details, such as limousine service, seven-course feasts. Prepare better champagne,delicious and delicate cakes and beautiful fresh flowers.

2. Make it Entertaining and Interesting

Wedding is consisted of serious matters and interesting ones to make the wedding significant and memorable. When it comes to the entertainment, I think it is the best part of a smaller wedding. It is easier and quicker to get everybody into the interesting activities somehow. According to the size of your celebration, you totally arrange everybody to take part in the ceremony. Read a short paragraph of prayer.

3. Limit the Guest List

If you would like to limit the guest list, you will find it difficult to put your idea into practice. Your families may put forward opposed idea. However, If you stick to your thoughts and give reasonable clarification to your families and friends. I think you will make it. Pay attention to honesty and don’t lie to them. Besides, someone can’t understand it and they will think they aren’t important. Be ready for the situation and face it objectively.

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