These ideas making your guest unforgettable

Add the ideas and let it become the most memorable wedding. Little details also can make the guests feel your effort and creativity.

Hire a painter painting on field
wedding painting

At the scene, painter to paint will be a scenery of the wedding. The couples can ask him to only record the most beautiful scenes on that day. They can arrange him to draw portrait for guests who are interested in painting. It is both performance and can be collected carefully as a souvenir at the end of the wedding. The idea really is worth recommendation. And the painting of the brides dressed in wedding dresses should be beautiful and unforgettable.

wedding painting
wedding painting
wedding paint

Drink and beer can be easily get

wedding beer

At ordinary times, when i go to the wedding banquet, wines have a fixed supply on every table. And varieties will be relatively less. If we only purely get together for dinner, there is not much effect. Once your wedding celebration time is relatively long. The first is wedding ceremony,then tea, the third is a rest time in the middle, and finally for dinner. Consider to prepare such a beverage area, you can supply all kinds of drinks beer. Especially in summer, it really will be particularly popular.

wedding beer

The stars at night
wedding occasions

Are you going to hold an outdoor wedding? So you can let the guests see the stars at the end of the wedding. You can choose a more secure fairy stick and also can put kongming light. The program schedule will be the culmination of the day. If you get married at the beach, the two practices is safe. If it is in the mountains that has many trees and parks, So it is good to play the fairy wand.
wedding arrangement

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