Some ideas about the wedding

1. Why the bride is always standing on the left side of the groom
Different from the traditional Chinese wedding, Western-style wedding is not to follow the “male left female right” position to stand. It was because in ancient times the Anglo-Saxon groom had to come forward to prevent the bride from being taken away by others. At the wedding ceremony, the bridegroom have the bride stand on his left, once the rival appears, you can immediately pull out the sword to repel the rival.

2. Why the bride choose to wear a white dress
Since the beginning of the Roman era, the white symbol of celebration, red symbolizes the same festive. Between 1850 and 1990, white was also a symbol of wealth. By the beginning of the twentieth century, the meaning of white on behalf of purity is far more than the other. So white is usually the preferred color of the dress, but also a symbol of the bride’s beauty and holiness. Here is a white dress.
wedding dress
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3. Why the bride choose to wear veil?
Initially, the bride’s veil symbolizes youth and purity. It is said that when there is a beautiful aristocratic girl, inadvertently stood behind the white veil curtains, her fiance saw a scary man, amazed, which gave her at the wedding with a white gauze inspiration, her move immediately set off A gust of fashion, which is today the bride wear a white veil of the origin of the custom.

4. Why cut wedding cake?
In accordance with European traditions, the bride and groom kissed each other on the both sides of the cake. There is a clever cakes division inspiration, all kinds of pastries mixed together, and then covered with a layer of white frost, it became a modern wedding cake. Cut the cake, the groom and the bride must be two people with a knife cut the first piece of cake, not a person cut, do not ask others to do it. And bread crumbs are lucky, single girl if the cake of the debris to take home, under the pillow, you can see in the dream of their future Prince Charm is like.