Tips for Plus-Size wedding dresses

As for a bride-to-be, wedding is one of the most significant things in her life. How to record the most beautiful moment at the wedding? In my opinion, a gorgeous wedding dress, a pair of suitable and attractive shoes, a kind of popular stylish hairstyle will be some important parts to be a complement to your beauty. Today i will talk about the plus-size wedding dress. Maybe it is a challenge for you. However, there are so many fabric, silhouettes, styles that you could find the one you loved. I will tell you the suggestion when it comes to plus-size wedding dress shopping. Here are some tips to achieve your dream and make you feel perfect.

1.Look for ruching
Wedding dress with ruche or ruching will be relatively more forgiving in spite of your figure or shape. Besides, it will help add the beauty and make the dress looks structured. When you choose the wedding dress with ruche, it is a good idea to choose the asymmetrical pattern. For example, choose the wedding dress with the ruche gathered on one site of the dress. It will give the impression that you will look longer in height.

2.Consider A-line silhouette
A-line wedding dress with an empire waist will be very attractive and stunning. Especially, if you want more coverage. It is a good idea to choose the A-line silhouette.
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3. Choose the right fabric
It is very important to choose the suitable fabric. The taffeta, organza, lace, and satin are all very chic for the plus-size brides. Try not to choose the chiffon fabric, which will magnify your body’s details. So there are so many choices waiting for you. It isn’t necessary for you to worry too much about the fabric.

4. Show your curves with a dropped waist
If the brides want to show the curves, it is a good idea to choose the dropped waist corseted dress, which not only create the curves but also show your charm.

3 Honor Duties to Remember as bridesmaid for the Wedding Day

From paying attention to the birde’s appearance to the reception ending. At the wedding, the bridesmaid need to do many things. Today i will talk about the must-do taskes to help the couple, and make sure that the guests will enjoy the activities.

1. Make sure the bride’s hair and makeup done in time, including other people.

If you notice that someone ‘s make up really needs a long time, or the lipstick of the bride’s lipstick doesn’t look good, it is time that you show up and adjust the schedule to make everything is in order. Before the bride walk down the aisle, check again whether the bride’s appearance has any flaw.

2. Make sure the bride eats and drinks all the day.
Perhaps your bride are too nervous to eat plenty of breakfast, if they couldn’t eat enough food, they will be hungry and can’t show the most beautiful side to the guest. As the breakfast time comes, create a easy atmosphere and say some jokes. Your bride will feel not so serious and will focus on the breakfast. Make sure that the bride drink enough water, you need to pay attention to the water glass.

3. Take care of the bride’s wedding dress after the reception.
When it is time to say goodbye to the reception, it is necessary to take care of the beautiful wedding dress. It takes a long time for the bride to find the suitable and make the alteration for the perfect wedding. So it deserve your protection. It shouldn’t left on the floor. Make sure that you should do some washing for the dress. When your bride comes back after the honeymoon, seeing the perfect wedding dress which show her beauty is definitely is a significant.
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7 Ways to Dress Your Wedding Dog

dog dress

Wedding Dog Idea: A Custom Tux!

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We know, it’s a little over-the-top, but if you’re having a formal wedding, a made-for-dogs tux is the right idea.

Wedding Dog Idea: Add a Floral Lei
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An easy way to dress up a larger dog like this big guy is to put a floral wreath around his neck. Attach a leash to his collar so your attendant can walk him down the aisle.

Wedding Dog Idea: Add a Clip-on Tie
dress dog

A clip-on tie from the kids’ section of your nearest department store makes a cute addition to a smaller dog’s collar. Find one that matches the bridesmaid dresses and add a couple fresh flowers to finish it off.

Wedding Dog Idea: Coordinating Collars

dress dog

Your wedding dog doesn’t need flowers or a tux to fit in — wrap their collars with extra fabric or ribbons and they’ll be ready for the show in no time.

Wedding Dog Idea: Add a Faux Pearl Necklace

dress dog

Make her feel like a princess with a simple beaded necklace tied off with a bow in the back. Buy an oversized fake pearl necklace like this one in the children’s aisle of a party or toy store.

Wedding Dog Idea: Give Him the Ring

dress dog

If you think your dog is up to the challenge, appoint him ring bearer and tie a light pillow around his collar. Just make sure a dog-loving bridal party attendant is there to walk him down the aisle!

Wedding Dog Idea: Add a Bow Tie
dress dog
Similar to the clip-on tie idea, get a bow tie (that coordinates with the groomsman attire) for your dog. All the better if he’ll sit still for portraits.