Interesting engagement party game

When the wedding comes, there are many things needed to be done for couples. In addition to the gorgeous chiffon wedding dress, which is a a splendid landscape.Sometimes, if your wedding has some fun parts, which is enough fun for the guests. The guests will enjoy themselves and love your wedding. If the engagement party is very interesting, the guests will be impressed and talk about your wedding for a time. How to host an fun engagement party? If you provide enough different kinds of delicious food, wine and drinks at a location. It doesn’t mean it is an interesting party. The theme of the party should be that you introduce them to know each other. One of the best ways to have guests (who may not know each other) mingle and get acquainted is to play a few engagement party games and icebreakers. Of course, playing engagement party games definitely isn’t mandatory engagement party etiquette, but it can only add to the fun. There are two our favorite engagement party games in the following.

Engagement Party Game: Picture Match
How to play: If you’re inviting guests from all over your country,generally speaking, they haven’t meet each other before. This picture-matching engagement party game helps them to know each other. Ask the couple for various of smile photos of the two of them and then print them . (You’ll need half the number of the quantity of the guests, so if there are 100 attendees, you’ll need 50 photos). Remember save one copy of these snapshots if they are prints and you can check it when the guests collect the two photos. Cut the photos in half and place each half in an envelope to be handed out randomly to guests when they arrive. You can give the presents to the winner for motivation. Guests are willing to talk to one another to find their picture’s other half. In the process, if someone want to know another, it is a good way to avoid embarrassment. So you can arrange your engagement party as like this one.
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