Beach wedding inspirations in summer

Wherever your wedding venue is, what you need to do is selecting a beautiful wedding dress. Besides, the elegant wedding shoes, charming hairstyle and other wedding accessories are also very necessary. If you would like to hold a beach wedding, the short wedding dresses, beach wedding dresses and casual wedding dresses will become your choices. today i will talk about beach wedding inspirations in summer.

1. Welcome board

This kind of combination of wood and transparent glass show the beauty of nature. It is similar to the beach wedding theme. Of course, it should be put in the front of saturated objects like trees or green plants, otherwise it is a little for the guests to finger out what is written on the welcome board. The weather will be very hot, so just make it easy to see the content, which won’t let your guests feel impatient and hotter.
welcome board

2. Wedding Arch

Choose some bamboos or wood and make it a frame. The tulle twines around the bamboo. Finally, use some beautiful flowers to decorate the frame. It will become a very charming wedding arch, which will wow your guests and can be used for photo backdrop. If you are crazy about making by yourself, it is very easy for you to put a frame.

wedding arch

3. Wedding Decoration and Wedding Table

Use the wood and flowers to create a romantic and charming venue. It is very good to add some small bulb on the top. You will fall in love with that.

wedding decorations

4. The road covered with flowers

Sprinkle some petal along the road. It is definitely a creative way to decorate the wedding venue. It will show the romantic and happy atmosphere. Choose suitable flowers in right color and you will love that.


5 low cost ideas to decorate the church and not waste your money

You are immersed in the wedding preparations. You look carefully at the wedding dresses that you can choose, even if you do not skimp on expenses, such as those fabulous wedding shoes for your outfit or the wedding details that you have liked so much for your guests, you have not yet thought of the decoration of the church. Quiet. There are many ways to do it without spending a fortune. Simply sprinkle it with details and do not overload it!

1. Paniculata bouquets: inside and outside the church
Do you know her? The paniculata is a tiny little flower that will become your best ally to decorate the church at a good price. It is one of the flowers most used in wedding decoration, because it always gives a romantic and fresh air. There are many kinds: Bristol Fairy, semidoble and white; Flamingo, very pink; Pink Fairy, pink but double flower, or Million Stars, ideal for small bouquets. The flower can also be obtained in a delicious soft pink tone.

Inside the church is surprisingly elegant. Its tones stand out on wood and stone, accompanied by jute or ribbons, as a top of the banks or in large bouquets to decorate the altar, paniculata bouquets are perfect for a 10 atmosphere. And, of course, it also serves to decorate the exterior of the church or the beautiful chapel where you go to get married.

2. More ribbons for the way to the altar
Another simple and decorative solution that is great is to place along the road to the altar with long tapes alone or entwined with small bouquets of white flowers or pitimini roses attached to the benches. The same ribbons can also serve to accompany the flowers of the altar, forming loops. They will bring a very chic touch.

3. Tulle with small floral details
Imagine how romantic the ends of the church benches can be where the guests feel if they are decorated with a simple floral detail held in a steaming tulle strip. Simple bridal bouquets can give you some idea of floral composition to accompany the tulle.
church decoration

4. Petals of roses on the carpet
Can you imagine walking to the altar while the background music sounds for religious weddings that you have chosen? How easy it is to line the central aisle of the church with little rose petals, while you carry your bridal bouquet with coves! It is enough to splash it little by little, before the ceremony, or to let it be the pages or the little bridesmaids who throw the petals as they precede you on your way to the altar. The floral arrangements you place on the altar and at the ends of the benches will complete the decoration of the church to perfection.

5. Soliflores or small bouquets
If you do not like large bouquets you can distribute small or medium bouquets on the altar, or prepare compositions of a single large flower (soliflore), such as coves. Do not forget your great allies when it comes to keeping the budget and giving a note of color to the church: gerberas, daisies, hydrangeas, peonies or even sunflowers, along with bouquets of lavender, spikes or astilbe, knotted with bows Or jute if your wedding is country or vintage style.

When you confirm your church decorations, you can choose some beautiful wedding dresses for the church wedding.

Decorate your wedding with flowers

Flowers are the essential element in the wedding decoration. The cost of the flower is not small proportion of the wedding expenses. Let us see which places can be decorated with flowers and make your wedding decoration beautiful properly. Some girls often ask me about what style is better.

wedding flowers
The flower door: Either natural or graceful luxury and simple fashion, flowers are essential on ceremony pavilion. It is the foil for romantic atmosphere and making the exchange vows holy.

Road cited: Put the gorgeous colour aside. Lavender and silver eucalyptus leaves are special and beautiful. Every step on the way to happiness, there are flowers surrounded.

wedding flowers
Table flowers: The table is Filled up with utensils and food. Table of flowers is the existence of the elves in general.
wedding flowers
light-fixture: Wedding decoration often uses lamp. Elegant lighting is combined with the ornament of flowers.

wedding flowers
Pendant: The bottle is filled with water, put on a flower, which is shaking in the air of easy reach.

wedding flowers
The back of a chair: Is the scene with a chair serious as classroom. Of course not, blooming, the back of the chair can make guest feel the happiness.

wedding flowers
The cake: The cake is decorated with the appropriate flowers. It seems the cake is very fresh.

wedding flowers
Wedding car: The wedding car is always eye-catching on the road. Without the logo of cars, the ornament of a few flowers can be a focus.

wedding flowers
Flower girl: They are elves in the wedding. They bring laughter and fragrant flowers.

Dreamcatcherone, one of the most popular wedding elements

Today, i will introduce the traditional accessories that disperse nightmare, retain a dream to you all, the dreamcatcherone. Are you crazy about the magic color and the breath of romantic and free? It is a good idea to give it a try with dreamcatcher elements as the theme in the future wedding. The dreamcatcher which is spread by the Indian is a special emotional handcraft products. Dreamcatcher originated in the 18th century, it is said, Hang a dreamcatcher in the head of a bed and can make sure that the nightmare is trapped. When the next morning comes, the first ray of sunshine falls and nightmare will dissipate. While those beautiful dreams will flow down along feather. As Indians are convinced, these beautiful dreams continue to float in the sky and will comes at the night.
In the wedding of the theme of the dreamcatcherone, as for the colors, it is most popular to rice white, shallow flaxen and such relatively simple color. It couldn’t be better to choose green plants and flowers as an ornament. The green plants are also the perfect foil for delicate and charming flowers. As for the decoration, the romantic bud silk, feather, candelabra, gold or silver ware, wooden props, pillows and the leading actor-dreamcatcher will be the foundation. Besides, From the ceremony pavilion to table decoration, road leading, which can be made by the dreamcatcher. It will be filled with the elegance, happiness, holiness and free and easy atmosphere.
wedding decorationswedding decorations

wedding decorations

Dreamcatcher is not only a symbol of the good, but also has a very free and easy appearance.