You will marry him? The First Wedding Planning

Confirm the date

When you get engaged, your friends and relatives will be asking for your wedding date. However, actually you won’t be able to confirm an exact date until you make some important decisions. What season you’d prefer, how long you predict you’ll need to plan. it’s typically that couples will choose the summer or warmer months. When you confirm these information, it is time to tell them the date.
wedding season
wedding season

Choose your wedding style and pick a suitable location
Before you try wedding dresses, book a band or select the painter, look into the magazines and imagine what kind of style you want to set for your wedding. As for the place, do you see the romantic beach wedding walking barefoot, or imagine the serious church wedding? Is it a elegant ceremony in a mansion? Or maybe it’s in the fragrant and garden filled with animals . As you’re imagining your perfect wedding, it is necessary for you to consider the key questions: How many guests will be at your wedding? Is the wedding style is romantic, fashion or simple? You will spend some time on gathering inspiration. To gather the information, Magazines, books and real wedding photos online are available, but you can find more sources. Something like a favorite picture you once saw, a scene from a unforgettable movie. In a word, you need to always keep your eyes open for inspiration.
church wedding
garden wedding

Set Your Budget
Talk with your families and confirm how much everyone provide for you. As we all know, you will make the purchase plans depend on the sum of money. So it is necessary to work out your budget before you purchase for the wedding. After you know the budget, you will have a realistic picture about what you can spend.

Buy suitable dresses
Measure your size and decide to choose what kind of dresses you like. Maybe you like the dresses with a train, or short dresses. The lace dresses is also a good choice. You may choose the bridesmaid dresses for your lovely and kind brides.

wedding bridesmaid
wedding bridesmaid