Some tips about the wedding bouquet

The origin of the holding flowers: In ancient times, Westerners believe that strong smell of spices and herbs, even include garlic and chives, can protect the wedding people from bad luck and disease.
So the bride holding flowers are indispensable in the wedding. Although it is a bunch of small bouquet, it is carrying the couple’s love and the beautiful future. Today we will talk about the colors about the bouquet.

Romantic pink always can easily reveal the girls’ heart. As brides persuing romance, pink hand bouquet, of course, is also the preferred choice. The bouquet consists of pink roses and pink are elegant and generous, which is very suitable for sweet style wedding.
wedding bouquet

White stands for pureness and sweetness. White bouquet leaves a kind of pure and fresh and natural impression from a distance. With the decoration of the countless light green and bud, or stoic daisy, romantic and intoxicating white roses, white hand flowers are very romantic, which is particularly suitable for pure and lovely bride.
wedding bouquet

Wine red
If you need an retro wedding, it is nice to choose the wine red roses. The table decotation has always been the important part in the lawn wedding decoration. Choose wine red roses as the main flower, wine red chairs and tables and wine in wine red, which is full of romantic and retro feeling.
wedding bouquet

Orange is the blend color between red and yellow. It brings a vigor, bright, warm and happy feeling to us. It is a kind of color that can bring laughter and it is also a rich and happy color.
wedding bouquet

Red is one of the most common color in the wedding bouquet. This kind of warm color can highlight happy and sweet feeling of brides.
wedding bouquet

Yellow belongs to warm color. It is very sweet and clean. It also bring a kind of lively and bright feeling to us.
wedding bouquet

If you think those flowers are too gaudy and its breed is too single. Common flowers can’t satisfy your pursuit of personality wedding. You can boldly choose other green plants to make the hand bouquet. This is the latest fashion trend of hand bouquet.
wedding bouquet

Purple is a mysterious and rich color. It also represents the courage and romance. So when we see purple hand bouquet, we know it’s going to be a romantic wedding.
wedding bouquet

Blue is the symbol of eternity. The sky and the sea which belongs to this vast scenery is blue. Blue is the representative of beauty, quiet, reason, peace and cleanliness. Blue hand bouquet is suitable for use in hot summer. It can bring a little cool and refreshing feeling to the wedding.
wedding bouquet