Dreamcatcherone, one of the most popular wedding elements

Today, i will introduce the traditional accessories that disperse nightmare, retain a dream to you all, the dreamcatcherone. Are you crazy about the magic color and the breath of romantic and free? It is a good idea to give it a try with dreamcatcher elements as the theme in the future wedding. The dreamcatcher which is spread by the Indian is a special emotional handcraft products. Dreamcatcher originated in the 18th century, it is said, Hang a dreamcatcher in the head of a bed and can make sure that the nightmare is trapped. When the next morning comes, the first ray of sunshine falls and nightmare will dissipate. While those beautiful dreams will flow down along feather. As Indians are convinced, these beautiful dreams continue to float in the sky and will comes at the night.
In the wedding of the theme of the dreamcatcherone, as for the colors, it is most popular to rice white, shallow flaxen and such relatively simple color. It couldn’t be better to choose green plants and flowers as an ornament. The green plants are also the perfect foil for delicate and charming flowers. As for the decoration, the romantic bud silk, feather, candelabra, gold or silver ware, wooden props, pillows and the leading actor-dreamcatcher will be the foundation. Besides, From the ceremony pavilion to table decoration, road leading, which can be made by the dreamcatcher. It will be filled with the elegance, happiness, holiness and free and easy atmosphere.
wedding decorationswedding decorations

wedding decorations

Dreamcatcher is not only a symbol of the good, but also has a very free and easy appearance.