Some tips for your wedding

1. plan your budget
When you prepare to purchase your stunning and pretty wedding dress, The first step is to plan your budget. While you plan your budget, make a list of the stuff you need to buy. There are two kind of things needed to be considered. The must-buy series and the extra series which you could choose to buy or not to buy. Generally, don’t forget the veil, high steels(of course, you could tend to wear ballet flats if you don’t like high steels or high steels will hurt you ), wedding accessories and so on. Besides, remember to order your dress in advance, so you would have enough time to return the dress or make some alterations. As you wedding day is coming soon, you would be busy with the trifles. Don’t let the wedding dress increase your pressure.

2. Consider your venue
It is very important for us to make the wedding dress style matching venue. If your wedding take place in the beach, riverside and lakeside, simple and light style will be suitable. We recommend plenty of fabric to you, such as chiffon, tulle, lace, satin. If your wedding belongs to the church wedding, sometimes it is impolite for your to wear the off-shoulder. Of course, it mainly according to the local church tradition. So you could consider your wedding dress depend on the venue.

3. Measure your size carefully
No matter whether your would buy your dress online or get your dress in your local shops. It necessary for your to measure your size: the bust, waist, hips. When you purchase your wedding dress online, recheck your size. If you enter the wrong size, the dress will be made according to the wrong size and wouldn’t fit well and bring trouble to you.

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