Some behaviors are not allowed for the guests

No matter how big the wedding size is, it will take a large amount of money to prepare a wedding. If you come to the wedding without a gift, even don’t take a greeting card. So the couples will think that you attend their wedding only to have fun, not to wish the couples. There is a saying, although the gift is very small, your feeling and real emotion is very significant for the couples. Today, I will talk about some things which is banned. Just remember that don’t let yourself break the important the wedding.

Don’t dress in red or white
On the big day, the couples will be the only center of the people’s eyes. If the bride wear a white wedding dress, and you also dress in white. It is obvious that you want to be attractive as the bride although you don’t want to mean to do it. And if you dress in red, red is a relative obvious color. So don’t dress in red or white. Even if there are any demand for attire, you can choose other colors.dress

2.Don’t drink too much
Of course, the guests will drink wine or beer on the wedding day, it is suitable for them to drink moderate amounts of alcohol. So, don’t always drink. You could talk with the others about many interesting things. If you drink too much, people will notice it. The people will laugh for the strange behavior, however, the couples won’t laugh because you will lose control. If you just want to go to sleep after you drink too much, it is ok. If you drink too much and would like to say the secret about the couples. You will find that the couples won’t forget the embarrassing moment in the rest of the life and won’t see you again.

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