Tips to mail your wedding invitations

As you big day is coming in the next months, you would be very excited. You have got every invitation signed and sealed. The next step is to deliver your invitation to the destination. After it takes a couples of months to work on your stationery, you will probably have a deep understanding about the paper products. However, When you are ready to ship out your invitations, it is very necessary for you to know something. Today I will talk about two things about the announcements.

1. Tissue paper inserts can keep it from smudging.
According to our experience, it is suitable for you to insert the tissue paper. Our aim is not to make stationery have a more good-looking appearance. As you place tissue paper between the layers of your stationary, even if it will increase your expenses, you can keep it from smudging. When you write the info on you invitations with a darker colored ink, the cards will rub together. So it is suitable for you to add the tissue paper to make sure that your beautiful paper will reach the destination in good shape and tidy look.

2. Square invitations require more postage.
It will cost more money for you to use square invitations because of the abnormal shape. However, it hasn’t a big difference. It mainly depends on the actual size. You can cut down your expenses though choosing a regular envelop. There are also many ways to save on the invitations, it is suitable for you to select the postcard instead of a traditional response card. Because the cost of a postcard stamp will be less.