2 things you have not been told about buying your wedding dress

Choosing your wedding dress is not just about style or personal tastes. Before deciding, you should know some things that surely have not told you. We discovered them for you.

Wedding Dress

In the preparations for a wedding, what mostly excites a bride is her dress. You may prefer simple wedding dresses. It is one of the most personal elections and it is convenient to decide without excessive opinions. Just as you can find your wedding shoes with your sister or the bridal bouquet with your friends and find your wedding details with your partner, there are certain aspects of your dress that you must decide alone. That is why it is important, before making a decision, take note of what is beneficial for you.

Wedding dress

1. Dive into the internet with discretion

We know that all brides develop a great ability to search everything that surrounds the wedding and it is inevitable to think that your big day can be like in social networks. Internet is a showcase for capturing fun wedding ideas, where you can see endless wedding decorating ideas and, of course, look for inspiration for that vintage wedding dress you dream about. However, we advise you to be open-minded.


2. Confirm where you want to buy the wedding dress

Every week you could visit a different bridal shop and go all over the city looking for the perfect dress. An advice? do not try it on. Make a list of those bridal firms where you would really like to go and look for your dress, prioritize the dates and appointments you make with them and prepare a list of essential that must fulfill the dress of your dreams. This is key if you do not want to get lost in a sea of white dresses.

3 kinds of popular match of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses

1. High quality halter beading court train A-line wedding dress and Chiffon sleeveless A-Line knee-length natural bridesmaid dress.

This kind of wedding dress has charming deep V-Neck, and it has the delicate beading on the waist. The court train is very attractive and traditional. So it is the combination of the fashion and tradition. Besides, this type of the bridesmaid dress is attractive with the one-shoulder design, the asymmetric silhouette. The white wedding dress and the lilac bridesmaid dress are the good combination in summer.
wedding dress

2. Spaghetti straps chiffon wedding dress with appliques and Knee-length A-line pretty V-neck bridesmaid dress.

If you would like to hold a simple wedding, I think the white wedding dress is one of your best choices. The kind of dress is suitable for the beaching wedding, garden wedding and other destination wedding. The dress will flutter in the wind showing the beauty of nature. This kind of short bridesmaid dress is a good match. The V-Neck neckline and back show the charming skin and give imagination to other people.



3. Lace Off-the-shoulder neck 3/4 length sleeves mermaid wedding dress with lace-up and stunning chiffon sheath V-neck floor-length bridesmaid dress with straps

If you would like to have a serious wedding, the type of wedding dress is suitable for you. The beautiful and chic lace details and the perfect lace up back. I believe that when you are walking down the aisle, your guest will be surprised at how good-looking you are.Besides, it couldn’t be better to choose long, sweetheart neckline and classical two straps.

Wedding Dress


5 things you should know before saying “yes, I want”


The last wedding songs ring and you are about to set out on your way to your honeymoon. The guests begin to leave, with their party dresses and unforgettable memories, like your spectacular wedding dress. Before you opens a door to a new stage of life. You’re already married. Do you want to know what the marriage will bring you? Here we summarize five things that very few people have told you before the wedding.

1. You will feel different and full of happiness

On the psychological level, marriages are very strong, and the marriage marks a major change. Marriage is not only advancing to the altar with a beautiful dress, exchanging alliances and starting a journey together, it is a decision that involves commitment and loyalty. Inevitably the bond of the couple becomes stronger, since you have proclaimed in front of your loved ones the will to take a road together. You will feel euphoric, happy and full of happiness for the new stage.
Smiling lady

2. You will become an invincible team

In wealth and poverty, in health and illness … They are not just words. The moment you start the adventure of marriage, there all the challenges that life brings and you will face them together. You are able to solve the problems together day to day. The process will give you more strength and will make your love stronger.

3. Begin to plan a common future

When you take a few months together and you want to consolidate your bond, it will be inevitable to start making plans. Plan is one of the successful pillars in a relationship. Sharing a common project, whether it is having a child or decorating your home, makes marriage a wonderful adventure. Do you remember how everything was arranged at the wedding? The two together looking for ideas for the wedding arrangement or finding out who are the designers having those fantastic comfortable wedding shoes? You are a team forever!


4. You will feel that you are a great family

Surely you noticed it when organizing the process. All have helped you to think of fun wedding ideas or to choose from lots of vintage wedding invitations. Not only will your bond become stronger, but also you will share the one with your respective families. The family grows with the arrival of new members and becomes richer in relationships.

5. You will discover that your marriage is a constant learning

It is very positive to see it like this. Of course there will be difficulties along the way, but if you consider them as life lessons, the trip will be a way to learn and grow as a person and as a couple. Before a dilemma, do not be frightened: look at it as an opportunity to know you better.couple

The wedding will be one of the happiest and unforgettable moments of your life and the people who love you, but the real adventure begins the day after. Prepare a gorgeous short wedding dress and you will begin a new life. There is no greater adventure than true love!

Three tips to buy wedding dresses

There are many significant and important events in people’s life. For example, graduate from college, find the first job, get married and so on. Today i will talk about the wedding. It is a very meaningful event for the couples, also for their parents. Their parents are very excited to see their child find the right partner to live a happy life. According to the couples, from the first meet, maybe there are many difficulties needed to be done in the process, Finally they overcome the problems and agree on marriage. What a wonderful thing it is. By no means will they give up when they fall down in their life. The bride really worth a gorgeous wedding dress. So i will introduce some tips to pick up wedding dresses.

1. Choose the silhouette for your wedding dress
There are various kinds of silhouettes for your choice. You probably would like the A-line wedding dress. It is a normal type. The A Line is a normally flattering silhouette. The A-Line wedding dress features a skirt that gradually begins to flare out from a fitted bodice, starting below the natural waist, and lightly skimming the hips, as it extends to the hem, forming an “A” shape. For the petite brides, it will display a taller appearance. As for the ball gown wedding dress, i think that it will hide a heavier bottom.Besides, it will make you look like fairytale princess. wedding dress
the source : http://www.evwedding.com/floor-length-tulle-buttons-luxury-wedding-dresses-wd113459.html

2. Consider the budget for the wedding dress
It is very necessary for you to plan the budget for the wedding dress. So you will know to buy your wedding dress online or go for the dress in the local shop. If you are interested in the online shopping, you can give a try. Of course, it is up to you.

3. Choose the fabric for your wedding dress.
You could find many fabrics for your wedding dress. Chiffon, satin, organza, tulle, silk and other materials. If you would like to choose a summer wedding, in my opinion, choosing chiffon, tulle will be very cool. If you like the short wedding dress, i think that it not only will cut down the expenses, but also make you feel easy on your wedding day.

Tips for Plus-Size wedding dresses

As for a bride-to-be, wedding is one of the most significant things in her life. How to record the most beautiful moment at the wedding? In my opinion, a gorgeous wedding dress, a pair of suitable and attractive shoes, a kind of popular stylish hairstyle will be some important parts to be a complement to your beauty. Today i will talk about the plus-size wedding dress. Maybe it is a challenge for you. However, there are so many fabric, silhouettes, styles that you could find the one you loved. I will tell you the suggestion when it comes to plus-size wedding dress shopping. Here are some tips to achieve your dream and make you feel perfect.

1.Look for ruching
Wedding dress with ruche or ruching will be relatively more forgiving in spite of your figure or shape. Besides, it will help add the beauty and make the dress looks structured. When you choose the wedding dress with ruche, it is a good idea to choose the asymmetrical pattern. For example, choose the wedding dress with the ruche gathered on one site of the dress. It will give the impression that you will look longer in height.

2.Consider A-line silhouette
A-line wedding dress with an empire waist will be very attractive and stunning. Especially, if you want more coverage. It is a good idea to choose the A-line silhouette.
wedding dress
The source:http://www.evwedding.com/a-line-empire-junoesque-wedding-dresses-wd113457.html

3. Choose the right fabric
It is very important to choose the suitable fabric. The taffeta, organza, lace, and satin are all very chic for the plus-size brides. Try not to choose the chiffon fabric, which will magnify your body’s details. So there are so many choices waiting for you. It isn’t necessary for you to worry too much about the fabric.

4. Show your curves with a dropped waist
If the brides want to show the curves, it is a good idea to choose the dropped waist corseted dress, which not only create the curves but also show your charm.

3 tips to make your guests impressed at your wedding

There are only a few months to celebrate your big day. On a such important and special day, every bride worth a gorgeous wedding dress. Besides, the couples all want to personalize their wedding. They not only would make the guests satisfied with their food and drink, but also have them amazed at the beautiful decorations. OF course, they aim at hold a perfect wedding. Now i will talk some tips to add some attractive elements to wow your guest. At the some time, as for the bride, it is a nice choice to purchase a pretty wedding dress. As for the bride, it is also important to wear suitable bridesmaid dress to stand the bride out. Here are 3 tips to make it.

Choose a gorgeous wedding dress and pretty bridesmaid dresses

First of all, before you purchase the dresses, collect your bridesmaid’s sizes and confirm the sizes with them for double times. If you have enough budget, you could absolutely buy your dresses in the local shop. Of course, it will cost a large amount of money, but it will make sure it fit you well. When you choose to get your dress online, it is necessary for you to order in advance, usually two months before your wedding. Sometimes, it needs to make some alterations or exchange the dresses. There are many ways to find your beautiful dresses. Such as, search by silhouette, search by fabric, search by features.
wedding dressesp fit before your wedding and lose your weight
Wedding dresse in Mermaid silhouette : http://www.evwedding.com/empire-waist-mermaid-backless-floor-length-wedding-dresses-wd113449.html

Bridesmaid dress in chiffon fabric : http://www.evwedding.com/knee-length-spaghetti-straps-chic-chiffon-occasions-dresses-bd116439.html

wedding dress
Wedding dress in lace feature : http://www.evwedding.com/knee-length-spaghetti-straps-chic-chiffon-occasions-dresses-bd116439.html

Prepare a healthy diet and keep fit every day. Some tips are provided to achieve your goal and keep fit. exercise

Make some nice decorations and offer delicious food and enough drink

Decorate your table and chairs with flesh flowers and greenplants. Personalize your plate and glass and make them look special. Offer the latest trends of wedding menus.

Don’t ignore the wedding details

If your wedding is approaching, you will be excited about it. Maybe you can’t wait to walk down the aisle to wow your groom in beautiful wedding dresses. Of course, it will be very busy because you have a lot of things to do. Maybe you will forget one detail facing so many different matters. That is why I pulled together a list of wedding details you would forget. As we all know, the venue, or cake baker, make-up artist are essentials. However, pay attention to following wedding details will make a real difference to you big day if you would like to give a deep impression to your guests or just yourself. Besides, it is a good way to personalize your day. Take a look at the following content and your will get some inspiration.
wedding dress
The source : http://www.evwedding.com/floor-length-tulle-buttons-luxury-wedding-dresses-wd113459.html
Pay attention to your personal touches which match your style

As far as I am concerned, your venue or caterer will offer the some popular napkins for your guests. In this way, you could think of it and make some difference to it. Try to choose some custom ones will attract and wow the people. It is very easy for you to add some elements to the napkins as your special personal touches. Besides, the cocktail, the glasses and centerpieces will be the suitable choices.

Bride and Bridal Party Getting-Ready Outfits
Although an oversize T-shirt and sweatpants are the perfect getting-ready outfit on any day. However, it is a special day. If you want to plan to take some beautiful photos with your bridal party. The pictures will be attractive and full of happy elements if you choose the appropriate outfits. You need to make sure that when you take it off, it will not mess up your hair and the delicate makeup. It is a nice choice for you to choose a robe.

Some picking wedding dresses choices for the petite bride

It is very important for the bride to choose a wedding dress belonging to their own before the wedding, but petite little bride want to know how to choose it. Today I share you with picking wedding skills as a small bride for the wedding dress style, take a look at it.
How small bride to choose wedding dress? Many petite little bride will be concerned about the choice for the wedding dress, afraid of their petite body can not afford long wedding. In fact, a small bride pay attention to some wedding dress selection techniques and they can choose the appropriate dress. Let us take a look at picking the wedding skills.

choose one for small bride wedding dress , short wedding dress
From the perspective of small bride, short wedding dress is undoubtedly the best choice for short bride, because the short wedding dress can make the bride’s legs exposed, which will also not make people feel the burden of wedding drag, but also better show the lively playful side of a short bride, showing a different kind of beauty. If the short bride also want to choose the wedding dress with train, then it is best to choose the short in the front and the long design style in the back. From the current fashion trend of view, short wedding dress is also a very fashionable choice.wedding dresses
the source: http://www.evwedding.com/short-ladylike-lace-and-satin-a-line-bateau-neckline-natural-waist-wedding-dress-wd112690.html

Selection two For little bride wedding dress , high waist wedding
If you do not like short wedding dress, then the short bride can also choose high waist design style. This high waist wedding not only can effectively improve the height of the bride’s feeling, but also gives a lively and lovely feeling. Short bride must avoid the choice of long train wedding dress, because it will not only look cumbersome, but also make the bride look even smaller.

Little bride wedding dress selection three, elegant open fork wedding
If bride want to wear the long wedding dress, there is a wedding option, that is, choose a split or side of the split in the wedding dress, and have to ensure that the wedding material of light, so when the bride walking , A pair of legs can be looming and beautiful, which will give a more aesthetic feeling, but also will make the bride look more noble.

Some tips for your wedding

1. plan your budget
When you prepare to purchase your stunning and pretty wedding dress, The first step is to plan your budget. While you plan your budget, make a list of the stuff you need to buy. There are two kind of things needed to be considered. The must-buy series and the extra series which you could choose to buy or not to buy. Generally, don’t forget the veil, high steels(of course, you could tend to wear ballet flats if you don’t like high steels or high steels will hurt you ), wedding accessories and so on. Besides, remember to order your dress in advance, so you would have enough time to return the dress or make some alterations. As you wedding day is coming soon, you would be busy with the trifles. Don’t let the wedding dress increase your pressure.

2. Consider your venue
It is very important for us to make the wedding dress style matching venue. If your wedding take place in the beach, riverside and lakeside, simple and light style will be suitable. We recommend plenty of fabric to you, such as chiffon, tulle, lace, satin. If your wedding belongs to the church wedding, sometimes it is impolite for your to wear the off-shoulder. Of course, it mainly according to the local church tradition. So you could consider your wedding dress depend on the venue.

3. Measure your size carefully
No matter whether your would buy your dress online or get your dress in your local shops. It necessary for your to measure your size: the bust, waist, hips. When you purchase your wedding dress online, recheck your size. If you enter the wrong size, the dress will be made according to the wrong size and wouldn’t fit well and bring trouble to you.

Three tips about Beach wedding style

As well know, it is popular to choose a beach as the destination wedding as a result of the free, romantic, casual and easy atmosphere. If you want to give a deep impression to your guests, beaching wedding style is a nice option. You will be addicted to the cool breeze in the sunlight. Hear the comfortable flowing sound of the sea wave. The blue sky and water show the charming side to you. If you want to hold a beach wedding, read all the styles.

Unless you live in a region that has warm temperatures year-round, beach wedding style is best if you’re getting married in late spring, summer, or early fall.
It is a good idea to choose a warmer season instead of the very hot or cold season. Because in the warmer season, your guests will feel comfortable and pleasant. The late spring, early summer and early fall will enter your mind. When you plan a beach wedding, make sure that it will be a good weather on your big day. The rainy and strong wind will affect your wedding and the everyone’s mood.

Color Palette
The couples can choose a bright and vibrant color palette about the beach wedding style on the wedding day. It is suitable for you to select some playful colors, such as yellow, green and orange. Besides, you can choose the colors matching the beach sand, the blue sky and the green trees. As a bride, white is your best color to choose. The fabric should be light. The chiffon wedding dresses and satin wedding dresses will make you feel cool and comfortable. As a bridesmaid, pink and ivory will be suitable. wedding dresses
The source: http://www.evwedding.com/stunning-chiffon-and-satin-a-line-halter-neck-raised-waistline-wedding-dress-wd112712.html

wedding dresses
The source: http://www.evwedding.com/gorgeous-a-line-floor-length-wedding-dresses-wd113301.html

If you love the beach wedding or the riverside wedding, just make sure that have your decoration close to the nature instead of the original natural style. You can completely let the scenery show the most beautiful side to your guests. For a ceremony, you can design your wedding arch, wedding table, wedding ceremony area with wood and board. Remember one tip, just make your decoration simple. It is not necessary to add some elements to attract your guests. Actually, the scenery is enough for them. However, keep you decorations solid from the unexpectedly strong wind.