Perfect wedding destinations around the world

Today i will introduce three perfect wedding destinations around the world. The scenery is very beautiful.

Greece – Santorini

Santorini is the most beautiful pearl of the Aegean Sea and Plato’s free land. There are the most beautiful sunset and the most magnificent sea view in the world, the blue and white color subtly mingle, which is the dream of honeymooners.
wedding destination

In addition to face the beautiful scenery of the blue sea, walking between the houses stroll, comeing across kitten, visiting the gallery is also a good destination

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul’s geography across the two continents and it is the integration of Europe, Asia, Africa continents of national ideology, culture, the essence of art. Thus become an important intersection of the East and West ideology and culture.
wedding destination

There are more than 40 museums, over 20 churches and over 450 mosques. Among them the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which is known as the Blue Mosque, is one of the most important buildings in Istanbul.

Istanbul is noisy on the daytime, the sound of singing echoed in the city. However, it is very quiet at night. There are always kittens on the street. If you like the national flavor, obsessed with the oriental style, it is a good chioce for you to choose Istanbul to be your wedidng


Bhutan is located in the southern slope of the eastern section of the Himalayas, with its east, north and west bordering China and the southern bordering India. Scenery is similar to Tibet , the difference is that here is more away from the hubbub of paradise than Tibet.scenery

Bhutan attaches great importance to the protection of the environment and ecological resources, each year only allow 6,000 foreign tourists inbound tourism. The air is definitely fresh and the natural environment is very destination

Besides, these places are the suitable places for proposal. Get you proposal ideas from here.