Beach wedding inspirations in summer

Wherever your wedding venue is, what you need to do is selecting a beautiful wedding dress. Besides, the elegant wedding shoes, charming hairstyle and other wedding accessories are also very necessary. If you would like to hold a beach wedding, the short wedding dresses, beach wedding dresses and casual wedding dresses will become your choices. today i will talk about beach wedding inspirations in summer.

1. Welcome board

This kind of combination of wood and transparent glass show the beauty of nature. It is similar to the beach wedding theme. Of course, it should be put in the front of saturated objects like trees or green plants, otherwise it is a little for the guests to finger out what is written on the welcome board. The weather will be very hot, so just make it easy to see the content, which won’t let your guests feel impatient and hotter.
welcome board

2. Wedding Arch

Choose some bamboos or wood and make it a frame. The tulle twines around the bamboo. Finally, use some beautiful flowers to decorate the frame. It will become a very charming wedding arch, which will wow your guests and can be used for photo backdrop. If you are crazy about making by yourself, it is very easy for you to put a frame.

wedding arch

3. Wedding Decoration and Wedding Table

Use the wood and flowers to create a romantic and charming venue. It is very good to add some small bulb on the top. You will fall in love with that.

wedding decorations

4. The road covered with flowers

Sprinkle some petal along the road. It is definitely a creative way to decorate the wedding venue. It will show the romantic and happy atmosphere. Choose suitable flowers in right color and you will love that.