2 times not to put forward proposals

The marriage proposal is very special and important step in your life. If you are succeed in proposal, you will be very thrilled and delighted. As is known, sometimes you will be refused. May your partner really love you but hesitate because of some unexpected factors. There are many reasons causing this frustrated result. Before you put forward proposal, it is necessary for you to know some things about how to avoid the bad result. Today I will talk about the certain times when you should avoid proposing. Although you have a strong desire to marry her, you should calm down and find the appropriate opportunities.

When your partner feel sad and stressful
If your partner feel sad and stressful, he or she will avoid the proposal topic. Because your partner can’t get rid of the sadness or the sense of stress. You probably believe your loved partner will be happy. Actually, it can have the opposite effect. When a person in a period of sad times, it is very difficult to be positive. So the only thing which you need to do is comforting he or she. After that, you could put forward proposal and you will make it.

When it is a important day for others
It should be a very happy day for your friend to celebrate the birthday. If you propose at this time, even if you don’t want to steal your friend’s thunder, actually you did it. Or it is your cousin’s baby shower day, it is not suitable for your to do it. As we all know, they want to be focused because it is happy times belonging to them. Besides, if you friend proposes first, you need to avoid to propose right now. Waiting a couple of weeks and pop the question. IF Your partner is hard to surprise, Here are some tips for you.