2 things you have not been told about buying your wedding dress

Choosing your wedding dress is not just about style or personal tastes. Before deciding, you should know some things that surely have not told you. We discovered them for you.

Wedding Dress

In the preparations for a wedding, what mostly excites a bride is her dress. You may prefer simple wedding dresses. It is one of the most personal elections and it is convenient to decide without excessive opinions. Just as you can find your wedding shoes with your sister or the bridal bouquet with your friends and find your wedding details with your partner, there are certain aspects of your dress that you must decide alone. That is why it is important, before making a decision, take note of what is beneficial for you.

Wedding dress

1. Dive into the internet with discretion

We know that all brides develop a great ability to search everything that surrounds the wedding and it is inevitable to think that your big day can be like in social networks. Internet is a showcase for capturing fun wedding ideas, where you can see endless wedding decorating ideas and, of course, look for inspiration for that vintage wedding dress you dream about. However, we advise you to be open-minded.


2. Confirm where you want to buy the wedding dress

Every week you could visit a different bridal shop and go all over the city looking for the perfect dress. An advice? do not try it on. Make a list of those bridal firms where you would really like to go and look for your dress, prioritize the dates and appointments you make with them and prepare a list of essential that must fulfill the dress of your dreams. This is key if you do not want to get lost in a sea of white dresses.

Honeymoon in Cuba

We have heard it for over a thousand times: everyone should go to Cuba at least once in their lives. Its streets, music, beaches, people … If you want a magical honeymoon, which is full of charm, take note of everything that you can do in this island.
street and house

When you organize your wedding, the important thing is to be clear about what you like most. You have to be true to yourself. And if you love a particular wedding dress, even if your friends advise not to choose it, listen to your heart and do not let it lose. Besides, when you look for those wonderful wedding shoes or choose the low collection that you liked so much among all wedding hairstyles. Just decide by yourself. And if you love Cuba as a honeymoon destination, focus on the Cuba and do not pay attention to anything else.

Cuba is synonymous with colonial charm, paradisiacal beaches, natural beauty, joy and much, much rhythm. Much of its charm is due to the journey during the time when everyone has a wonderful experience here. If you want to know what awaits you in Cuba, do not miss the details of this article. We will explain everything!

Old Havana

Begin with El Templete, the Palace of the Captains General, the castle of the Royal Force, the Cathedral, the convent and the smaller basilica of San Francisco. The entire city will take you back to the 50’s and colonial times because of its old cars and its lifestyle anchored in the past. Enjoy a city where you will live at nights which is full of Cuban rhythm. So do not forget your short party dresses. The night is young!
car and people

Lost on the Malecon

Just like you can not leave Paris without strolling the Champs Elysees, you can not leave Cuba without losing yourself on the Malecon, the great walk to the ocean. And remember those romantic wedding songs that you love!

The two fortress

Crossing the bay, you will discover two fortresses from the colonial period: the castle of Tres Reyes del Morro and the fortress of San Carlos de la Cavagna. Visiting them is a real joy, because they offer spectacular views of Havana, the bay, the port and the Malecon. And if you go in the afternoon, before 9 pm, you can enjoy El Cavagna, a ceremony that recreates the shot of a cannon over Havana in the eighteenth century. And at night do not miss a romantic dinner in Old Havana with some special party dress.

Crossing the bay, you will discover two fortresses from the colonial period: the castle of Tres Reyes del Morro and the fortress of San Carlos de la Cavagna. Visiting them is a real joy, because they offer spectacular views of Havana, the bay, the port and the Malecon. And if you go in the afternoon, before 9 pm, you can enjoy the sound of the guns, a ceremony that recreates the shot of a cannon over Havana in the eighteenth century. And at night do not miss a romantic dinner in Old Havana in some special party dress.


Few scenarios are as beautiful as pinardelrio. It hides two of the six World Biosphere Reserves on the island. It is also the land of the best tobacco in the world. The visit you have to go is the Vinales Valley, declared Cultural Landscape of Humanity by UNESCO, as well as the Soroa, with its orchid garden and its waterfall. Can you imagine what pictures they would have done here with your nice lace wedding dress?

Varadero, a paradise

It is perhaps the most famous beach on the Cuban island. If you are fascinated by the beaches of fine white sand, with coconut trees and crystalline waters, which is your paradise. Get lost with your husband between the palm trees and the ocean’s infinity.beach

Santiago, Cuba

Without a doubt, it is a wonderful place that you will love. Do not miss the fortress of San Pedro de la Roca or the ruins of the French coffee estates, which is located in the mountains east of the capital. They are Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Also visit the Tivoli, a district of Franco-Haitian origin and approach to the Basilica del Cobre, sanctuary of the Virgin of the Charity, patroness of Cuba, which is located not far from the city.

Sierra Maestra, you will love it

In the Natural Park of Sierra Maestra, there are 17 peaks, among which the Turquino and the Great Stone stand out, the two highest peaks of Cuba. A marvel!

Coral reefs and islands

Overflow landscapes of unusual beauty. Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo are two of the most beautiful, but surely you will discover others.

There are also many other beautiful places for your wedding destination or honeymoon.

Some ideas about the wedding cakes

Every bride would like to hold a special and significant wedding. As the date is approaching, the brides will be excited. Of course, there are many things needed to be done. So at the same time, they have a lot of works to do in the following months. Purchase the wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses. Besides, they will handle other Today I will talk about how to choose a nice wedding cake.
If you prefer to buy the sweet cakes, in my opinion, it will be a very interesting part of your plans for you. Because you can taste so many wedding cakes which has many de delicious favors.
Be easy to find the suitable cake flavors
Just be easy. Because it is a easy job and it is not difficult for you to choose the suitable cakes flavors. When you make a list of your guest. You need to be cautious and don’t forget one of your guests. Of course, it is normal that you and your partner have different ideas about how to make the wedding cakes. However, there will be a good solution to your problem. So say your thoughts and talk to your partner. Maybe you know you partner’s taste. But they will give you a surprise or just want to make sure that the wedding cake is special. It is very suitable for you to talk to your partner and make a list of possibilities.cake

Everything you would like to know about the wedding toast

As we all know, there are various kinds of wedding toasts. Some are very funny and interesting, some are simple, some are very long and nice. However, regardless of what the style is, the wedding toasts will be made at a wedding reception.

1. Some advice for someone wants to give a toast who doesn’t know what to say
In my opinion, feel free to say something, in addition to talking about the marriage or offering advice. It is fine to say a interesting story, of course, the story should refer to the couple and use this story to describe something deeper.

2. Advice for someone who gets brain freeze mid toast
When you see the people at the same table, you would like to give a toast but no ideas on your mind. Just don’t worry and smile. Be enthusiastic and say, “ I really love you guys. Cheers!” At this time, everybody will feel very comfortable and happy, them are willing to raise their glasses.

3. What is one of the greatest wedding toasts you’ve ever heard?
It should be the speech made by the bride’s best friend. They always do crazy things in their childhood. After that, they go to school together. They help each other when one of them get into trouble in their life. They are optimistic and always smile. So we all expect to hear a funny conversation. However, her friends finish the toast with embarrassing stories. After the girl completed her toast, we are moved in our original position.Get the inspiring quotes from here.
Her speech is really moving and sincere. It is filled with emotion and it is more like a sister’s conversation than a friend conversation. Later, I look forward to hearing that somebody will give a toast just like the previous moving moments.

Tips for Plus-Size wedding dresses

As for a bride-to-be, wedding is one of the most significant things in her life. How to record the most beautiful moment at the wedding? In my opinion, a gorgeous wedding dress, a pair of suitable and attractive shoes, a kind of popular stylish hairstyle will be some important parts to be a complement to your beauty. Today i will talk about the plus-size wedding dress. Maybe it is a challenge for you. However, there are so many fabric, silhouettes, styles that you could find the one you loved. I will tell you the suggestion when it comes to plus-size wedding dress shopping. Here are some tips to achieve your dream and make you feel perfect.

1.Look for ruching
Wedding dress with ruche or ruching will be relatively more forgiving in spite of your figure or shape. Besides, it will help add the beauty and make the dress looks structured. When you choose the wedding dress with ruche, it is a good idea to choose the asymmetrical pattern. For example, choose the wedding dress with the ruche gathered on one site of the dress. It will give the impression that you will look longer in height.

2.Consider A-line silhouette
A-line wedding dress with an empire waist will be very attractive and stunning. Especially, if you want more coverage. It is a good idea to choose the A-line silhouette.
wedding dress
The source:http://www.evwedding.com/a-line-empire-junoesque-wedding-dresses-wd113457.html

3. Choose the right fabric
It is very important to choose the suitable fabric. The taffeta, organza, lace, and satin are all very chic for the plus-size brides. Try not to choose the chiffon fabric, which will magnify your body’s details. So there are so many choices waiting for you. It isn’t necessary for you to worry too much about the fabric.

4. Show your curves with a dropped waist
If the brides want to show the curves, it is a good idea to choose the dropped waist corseted dress, which not only create the curves but also show your charm.

Tips to find the nice wedding venue for your budget

Most people think that your wedding venue will be everything. If you would save money or cut down your expenses, it helps to compare the choices. Besides, your celebration will depend on the wedding venue. Today, i will guide you to choose which kind of location is best for you according to both budget and you wedding style.
Wedding held in hotels are very suitable for the guests from all around the country. Because the hotel staff is experienced in receptions. Generally, it is a good and suitable choice for cutting down your expenses or control your budget. However, you need to remember the following important things.
Wedding hotel

1. Confirm the total fee
Check it double times and make sure that everything is included in the fee. At a hotel, you need to check the tables, chairs and other things. In addition to the food, drinks, beer, wine, you need to make sure that other things are included.
wedding hotel

2. Choose the low season
It is a good idea to inquire the hotel staff which season is the high season and the low season. Although every hotel has different prices in terms of the location, if you choose to book at low season, it will help you save tons of money. So try to avoid the high season and select the low season.

3. Negotiate-before signing a contract
Negotiate-before signing a contract. When you look for the hotels, many hotels will have some set prices for the package deals. So you confirmed the hotel you prefer, just negotiate with the manager. If you do so, it has the possibility that you could get much coupon. It is good idea to ask for a wedding-night suite or a free package upgrade.

Three tips about Beach wedding style

As well know, it is popular to choose a beach as the destination wedding as a result of the free, romantic, casual and easy atmosphere. If you want to give a deep impression to your guests, beaching wedding style is a nice option. You will be addicted to the cool breeze in the sunlight. Hear the comfortable flowing sound of the sea wave. The blue sky and water show the charming side to you. If you want to hold a beach wedding, read all the styles.

Unless you live in a region that has warm temperatures year-round, beach wedding style is best if you’re getting married in late spring, summer, or early fall.
It is a good idea to choose a warmer season instead of the very hot or cold season. Because in the warmer season, your guests will feel comfortable and pleasant. The late spring, early summer and early fall will enter your mind. When you plan a beach wedding, make sure that it will be a good weather on your big day. The rainy and strong wind will affect your wedding and the everyone’s mood.

Color Palette
The couples can choose a bright and vibrant color palette about the beach wedding style on the wedding day. It is suitable for you to select some playful colors, such as yellow, green and orange. Besides, you can choose the colors matching the beach sand, the blue sky and the green trees. As a bride, white is your best color to choose. The fabric should be light. The chiffon wedding dresses and satin wedding dresses will make you feel cool and comfortable. As a bridesmaid, pink and ivory will be suitable. wedding dresses
The source: http://www.evwedding.com/stunning-chiffon-and-satin-a-line-halter-neck-raised-waistline-wedding-dress-wd112712.html

wedding dresses
The source: http://www.evwedding.com/gorgeous-a-line-floor-length-wedding-dresses-wd113301.html

If you love the beach wedding or the riverside wedding, just make sure that have your decoration close to the nature instead of the original natural style. You can completely let the scenery show the most beautiful side to your guests. For a ceremony, you can design your wedding arch, wedding table, wedding ceremony area with wood and board. Remember one tip, just make your decoration simple. It is not necessary to add some elements to attract your guests. Actually, the scenery is enough for them. However, keep you decorations solid from the unexpectedly strong wind.

You will marry him? The First Wedding Planning

Confirm the date

When you get engaged, your friends and relatives will be asking for your wedding date. However, actually you won’t be able to confirm an exact date until you make some important decisions. What season you’d prefer, how long you predict you’ll need to plan. it’s typically that couples will choose the summer or warmer months. When you confirm these information, it is time to tell them the date.
wedding season
wedding season

Choose your wedding style and pick a suitable location
Before you try wedding dresses, book a band or select the painter, look into the magazines and imagine what kind of style you want to set for your wedding. As for the place, do you see the romantic beach wedding walking barefoot, or imagine the serious church wedding? Is it a elegant ceremony in a mansion? Or maybe it’s in the fragrant and garden filled with animals . As you’re imagining your perfect wedding, it is necessary for you to consider the key questions: How many guests will be at your wedding? Is the wedding style is romantic, fashion or simple? You will spend some time on gathering inspiration. To gather the information, Magazines, books and real wedding photos online are available, but you can find more sources. Something like a favorite picture you once saw, a scene from a unforgettable movie. In a word, you need to always keep your eyes open for inspiration.
church wedding
garden wedding

Set Your Budget
Talk with your families and confirm how much everyone provide for you. As we all know, you will make the purchase plans depend on the sum of money. So it is necessary to work out your budget before you purchase for the wedding. After you know the budget, you will have a realistic picture about what you can spend.

Buy suitable dresses
Measure your size and decide to choose what kind of dresses you like. Maybe you like the dresses with a train, or short dresses. The lace dresses is also a good choice. You may choose the bridesmaid dresses for your lovely and kind brides.

wedding bridesmaid
wedding bridesmaid

These ideas making your guest unforgettable

Add the ideas and let it become the most memorable wedding. Little details also can make the guests feel your effort and creativity.

Hire a painter painting on field
wedding painting

At the scene, painter to paint will be a scenery of the wedding. The couples can ask him to only record the most beautiful scenes on that day. They can arrange him to draw portrait for guests who are interested in painting. It is both performance and can be collected carefully as a souvenir at the end of the wedding. The idea really is worth recommendation. And the painting of the brides dressed in wedding dresses should be beautiful and unforgettable.

wedding painting
wedding painting
wedding paint

Drink and beer can be easily get

wedding beer

At ordinary times, when i go to the wedding banquet, wines have a fixed supply on every table. And varieties will be relatively less. If we only purely get together for dinner, there is not much effect. Once your wedding celebration time is relatively long. The first is wedding ceremony,then tea, the third is a rest time in the middle, and finally for dinner. Consider to prepare such a beverage area, you can supply all kinds of drinks beer. Especially in summer, it really will be particularly popular.

wedding beer

The stars at night
wedding occasions

Are you going to hold an outdoor wedding? So you can let the guests see the stars at the end of the wedding. You can choose a more secure fairy stick and also can put kongming light. The program schedule will be the culmination of the day. If you get married at the beach, the two practices is safe. If it is in the mountains that has many trees and parks, So it is good to play the fairy wand.
wedding arrangement

The most fashionable and romantic outdoor wedding: sunshine, grass, flowers

Every woman has their own thoughts of ideal wedding. They want to wear beautiful wedding dresses. They also choose a appropriate wedding occasion. The occasion may be at the beach, or in the church. The wedding may also be the small sweet party only for the honey, friends and family. And many women prefer the pattern of outdoor wedding. Because it has beautiful scenery. There is a warm and not hot sun in the sky. The white wooden chairs are put on the green grass. The Relatives and friends drink champagne in the breeze. The bride’s white dress is more romantic on the basis of the grass, sunlight.
However,outdoor wedding risk actually is also relatively large. In addition to the influence of the weather, there are also more unpredictable situation. If you like the outdoor wedding, i think you should be prepared for it.
If you want to save your money and enjoy the wedding at the same time, please click it.

The wedding held in French provence winery, the long table and white folding chairs are put on the stone ground. The classic scene lets a person feel as if it returned to the old times.
wedding arragement
wedding arragement
wedding arragement
wedding arragement
wedding arragement
wedding arragement

The wedding is held on the ranch which has the long history. Use the romantic color and pay attention to fine detail.
wedding arragement
wedding arrangement
wedding arragement
wedding arragement

Bali island wedding is at the top of the cliff. It is so beautiful. The magnificent scenery, perfect and romantic pool can be seen here. There is also a small pavilion. The field use fantastic colors, elegant beige, coral red, light blue, and turquoise. Modern and soft atmosphere makes people feel comfortable.
wedding arragement
wedding arrangement
wedding arrangement