3 kinds of popular match of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses

1. High quality halter beading court train A-line wedding dress and Chiffon sleeveless A-Line knee-length natural bridesmaid dress.

This kind of wedding dress has charming deep V-Neck, and it has the delicate beading on the waist. The court train is very attractive and traditional. So it is the combination of the fashion and tradition. Besides, this type of the bridesmaid dress is attractive with the one-shoulder design, the asymmetric silhouette. The white wedding dress and the lilac bridesmaid dress are the good combination in summer.
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2. Spaghetti straps chiffon wedding dress with appliques and Knee-length A-line pretty V-neck bridesmaid dress.

If you would like to hold a simple wedding, I think the white wedding dress is one of your best choices. The kind of dress is suitable for the beaching wedding, garden wedding and other destination wedding. The dress will flutter in the wind showing the beauty of nature. This kind of short bridesmaid dress is a good match. The V-Neck neckline and back show the charming skin and give imagination to other people.



3. Lace Off-the-shoulder neck 3/4 length sleeves mermaid wedding dress with lace-up and stunning chiffon sheath V-neck floor-length bridesmaid dress with straps

If you would like to have a serious wedding, the type of wedding dress is suitable for you. The beautiful and chic lace details and the perfect lace up back. I believe that when you are walking down the aisle, your guest will be surprised at how good-looking you are.Besides, it couldn’t be better to choose long, sweetheart neckline and classical two straps.

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5 things you should not tell your florist

Relationships with your suppliers, including the professional who will design your bridal bouquet, are very important. Take note of everything you should never tell your florist to avoid confusion. So your bouquet will be the most beautiful in the world!

Surely you have already made a wedding list with all the providers that are going to intervene in one way or another way in the preparation of your wedding. You have already chosen the atelier that will design your wedding dress and that has given you ideas to choose your wedding shoes. You are also probably already looking for a reliable florist who designs your bouquet.

Understanding and trust with your suppliers are crucial to success, so you have to follow some guidelines when working with them. Take note of everything you should not say to the designer of your bridal bouquet so that the communication between them is perfect.

1. “I also know flowers”

Yes of course. But, let yourself be guided by your experience. Obviously he knows more about flowers than you: they know whether those are seasonal or not, which are more resistant, which combinations of colors are the most elegant … It can be your best ally for you to make a wise decision! Do you remember that you also let yourself be advised to get original wedding ideas? Now you should do the same.

notes about the florist

2. “You have not interpreted my wishes well”

Communication is crucial throughout the process of choice and design of the branch. Communicate, explain what your preferences are. Do not stay in half and, above all, clarify all your doubts and not give the image that you are always insecure. And, of course, do not say yes if you think “I do not know” or you’re not 100% convinced.

3. “I like this type of bouquet and I prefer not to innovate”

A good florist can help you, guide you in your final decision and give suggestions that you had not even imagined. Let yourself go. I’m sure he’ll design the best bouquet for you.

And you do not think you need to personally go to the florist for changes. You can make a Skype to see how the topic progresses.

Internet communication

4. “It’s not that I do not trust your job, but …”

Trust, trust … A good florist will work better if the client puts all his trust in him and gives clues about his wishes. That way you can understand exactly what you want. Above all, do not forget to take a photo of your dress. Everything will decide the style of your bouquet!

5. “I would like to change these flowers” ….

You wanted roses before and now you like peonies. The flowers are beautiful. And the varieties, combinations and options are endless. However, everything takes some planning time, and flowers are a perishable product. If you did not like the style of the bouquet, of course you should tell it. Even the most seasoned florists must accept constructive criticism. You deserve the best in your wedding, but try to make decisions in advance.


What do you think of advice? Surely there will be some that will serve you. And if you have a little time, look at the bridesmaids dresses that your bridesmaids can wear. Surely you form a perfect team.

3 tips to make your guests impressed at your wedding

There are only a few months to celebrate your big day. On a such important and special day, every bride worth a gorgeous wedding dress. Besides, the couples all want to personalize their wedding. They not only would make the guests satisfied with their food and drink, but also have them amazed at the beautiful decorations. OF course, they aim at hold a perfect wedding. Now i will talk some tips to add some attractive elements to wow your guest. At the some time, as for the bride, it is a nice choice to purchase a pretty wedding dress. As for the bride, it is also important to wear suitable bridesmaid dress to stand the bride out. Here are 3 tips to make it.

Choose a gorgeous wedding dress and pretty bridesmaid dresses

First of all, before you purchase the dresses, collect your bridesmaid’s sizes and confirm the sizes with them for double times. If you have enough budget, you could absolutely buy your dresses in the local shop. Of course, it will cost a large amount of money, but it will make sure it fit you well. When you choose to get your dress online, it is necessary for you to order in advance, usually two months before your wedding. Sometimes, it needs to make some alterations or exchange the dresses. There are many ways to find your beautiful dresses. Such as, search by silhouette, search by fabric, search by features.
wedding dressesp fit before your wedding and lose your weight
Wedding dresse in Mermaid silhouette : http://www.evwedding.com/empire-waist-mermaid-backless-floor-length-wedding-dresses-wd113449.html

Bridesmaid dress in chiffon fabric : http://www.evwedding.com/knee-length-spaghetti-straps-chic-chiffon-occasions-dresses-bd116439.html

wedding dress
Wedding dress in lace feature : http://www.evwedding.com/knee-length-spaghetti-straps-chic-chiffon-occasions-dresses-bd116439.html

Prepare a healthy diet and keep fit every day. Some tips are provided to achieve your goal and keep fit. exercise

Make some nice decorations and offer delicious food and enough drink

Decorate your table and chairs with flesh flowers and greenplants. Personalize your plate and glass and make them look special. Offer the latest trends of wedding menus.

some ideas to choose wedding ceremony readings

In addition to the attractive prince wedding dresses and beautiful bridesmaid dresses. There are impressive various kinds of wedding ceremonies. If you want to have special and personalized wedding ceremony, it is good way to choose appropriate readings. The wedding ceremony readings can show your love to your loved one and other friends who can’t occur in your wedding due to special reasons. Today I will talk about some ways to help you to choose the appropriate wedding readings for your ceremony.
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Talk with your officiant

Talk to your wedding officiant about the wedding readings. As we all know, your officiant can provide many ideas to add some elements to your ceremony according to your requirements. If you want to add more personality and other styles for your ceremony, your officiant can help you to make your thoughts achieved.

How many wedding ceremony readings do you need?

Generally speaking, i will recommend one or two wedding ceremony readings to you. You need to know that your guests will be bored and sleepy if you have many readings. If you just have one reading, it will make your guests impressed and interested in your next activities. If many your loved ones are willing to be readers, you can divide your readings into several parts and let them read it separately.

Think about your readers

If you have get into trouble in choosing wedding ceremony readings, you could think about the people according to their age. If you choose a lovely child, a passage from a fairytale book will be suitable. If the passage is the source of the Shakespeare, it is good idea to choose your friend to read. Make a plan to arrange the readers to read in order, and it will help your reads feel more confident and comfortable. At the same time, your guests will enjoy your stylish ceremony.