3 Honor Duties to Remember as bridesmaid for the Wedding Day

From paying attention to the birde’s appearance to the reception ending. At the wedding, the bridesmaid need to do many things. Today i will talk about the must-do taskes to help the couple, and make sure that the guests will enjoy the activities.

1. Make sure the bride’s hair and makeup done in time, including other people.

If you notice that someone ‘s make up really needs a long time, or the lipstick of the bride’s lipstick doesn’t look good, it is time that you show up and adjust the schedule to make everything is in order. Before the bride walk down the aisle, check again whether the bride’s appearance has any flaw.

2. Make sure the bride eats and drinks all the day.
Perhaps your bride are too nervous to eat plenty of breakfast, if they couldn’t eat enough food, they will be hungry and can’t show the most beautiful side to the guest. As the breakfast time comes, create a easy atmosphere and say some jokes. Your bride will feel not so serious and will focus on the breakfast. Make sure that the bride drink enough water, you need to pay attention to the water glass.

3. Take care of the bride’s wedding dress after the reception.
When it is time to say goodbye to the reception, it is necessary to take care of the beautiful wedding dress. It takes a long time for the bride to find the suitable and make the alteration for the perfect wedding. So it deserve your protection. It shouldn’t left on the floor. Make sure that you should do some washing for the dress. When your bride comes back after the honeymoon, seeing the perfect wedding dress which show her beauty is definitely is a significant.
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