Tips to have a Small and Intimate Wedding

Would you like to maintain your guest list on the smaller size? Today i will talk about this and you can take note of what is beneficial for you. So you will know how to have a small and intimate event.


The wedding celebrations can’t be confirmed unless you know the size. If there are a small group of people, you can have a more personal celebration. At the same time, the couples will spend more time on the communication and interact. And the group have more opportunities to know each other. Talking about the common interest, dream and interesting matters in daily life. Everybody devotes themselves to the event in his or her own way. Wear your nice simple wedding dress and enjoy it. So intimate celebrations has its special advantages.

1. Treat Your Guests Well

As we all know, it is not difficult for us to focus on the details of small event instead of big ones and we will go all out to make everything perfect. The rehearsal dinner will be prepared carefully and your guests will enjoy them. Because the size is small, you will pay attention to the details, such as limousine service, seven-course feasts. Prepare better champagne,delicious and delicate cakes and beautiful fresh flowers.

2. Make it Entertaining and Interesting

Wedding is consisted of serious matters and interesting ones to make the wedding significant and memorable. When it comes to the entertainment, I think it is the best part of a smaller wedding. It is easier and quicker to get everybody into the interesting activities somehow. According to the size of your celebration, you totally arrange everybody to take part in the ceremony. Read a short paragraph of prayer.

3. Limit the Guest List

If you would like to limit the guest list, you will find it difficult to put your idea into practice. Your families may put forward opposed idea. However, If you stick to your thoughts and give reasonable clarification to your families and friends. I think you will make it. Pay attention to honesty and don’t lie to them. Besides, someone can’t understand it and they will think they aren’t important. Be ready for the situation and face it objectively.

2 things you have not been told about buying your wedding dress

Choosing your wedding dress is not just about style or personal tastes. Before deciding, you should know some things that surely have not told you. We discovered them for you.

Wedding Dress

In the preparations for a wedding, what mostly excites a bride is her dress. You may prefer simple wedding dresses. It is one of the most personal elections and it is convenient to decide without excessive opinions. Just as you can find your wedding shoes with your sister or the bridal bouquet with your friends and find your wedding details with your partner, there are certain aspects of your dress that you must decide alone. That is why it is important, before making a decision, take note of what is beneficial for you.

Wedding dress

1. Dive into the internet with discretion

We know that all brides develop a great ability to search everything that surrounds the wedding and it is inevitable to think that your big day can be like in social networks. Internet is a showcase for capturing fun wedding ideas, where you can see endless wedding decorating ideas and, of course, look for inspiration for that vintage wedding dress you dream about. However, we advise you to be open-minded.


2. Confirm where you want to buy the wedding dress

Every week you could visit a different bridal shop and go all over the city looking for the perfect dress. An advice? do not try it on. Make a list of those bridal firms where you would really like to go and look for your dress, prioritize the dates and appointments you make with them and prepare a list of essential that must fulfill the dress of your dreams. This is key if you do not want to get lost in a sea of white dresses.

Beach wedding inspirations in summer

Wherever your wedding venue is, what you need to do is selecting a beautiful wedding dress. Besides, the elegant wedding shoes, charming hairstyle and other wedding accessories are also very necessary. If you would like to hold a beach wedding, the short wedding dresses, beach wedding dresses and casual wedding dresses will become your choices. today i will talk about beach wedding inspirations in summer.

1. Welcome board

This kind of combination of wood and transparent glass show the beauty of nature. It is similar to the beach wedding theme. Of course, it should be put in the front of saturated objects like trees or green plants, otherwise it is a little for the guests to finger out what is written on the welcome board. The weather will be very hot, so just make it easy to see the content, which won’t let your guests feel impatient and hotter.
welcome board

2. Wedding Arch

Choose some bamboos or wood and make it a frame. The tulle twines around the bamboo. Finally, use some beautiful flowers to decorate the frame. It will become a very charming wedding arch, which will wow your guests and can be used for photo backdrop. If you are crazy about making by yourself, it is very easy for you to put a frame.

wedding arch

3. Wedding Decoration and Wedding Table

Use the wood and flowers to create a romantic and charming venue. It is very good to add some small bulb on the top. You will fall in love with that.

wedding decorations

4. The road covered with flowers

Sprinkle some petal along the road. It is definitely a creative way to decorate the wedding venue. It will show the romantic and happy atmosphere. Choose suitable flowers in right color and you will love that.