3 kinds of popular match of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses

1. High quality halter beading court train A-line wedding dress and Chiffon sleeveless A-Line knee-length natural bridesmaid dress.

This kind of wedding dress has charming deep V-Neck, and it has the delicate beading on the waist. The court train is very attractive and traditional. So it is the combination of the fashion and tradition. Besides, this type of the bridesmaid dress is attractive with the one-shoulder design, the asymmetric silhouette. The white wedding dress and the lilac bridesmaid dress are the good combination in summer.
wedding dress

2. Spaghetti straps chiffon wedding dress with appliques and Knee-length A-line pretty V-neck bridesmaid dress.

If you would like to hold a simple wedding, I think the white wedding dress is one of your best choices. The kind of dress is suitable for the beaching wedding, garden wedding and other destination wedding. The dress will flutter in the wind showing the beauty of nature. This kind of short bridesmaid dress is a good match. The V-Neck neckline and back show the charming skin and give imagination to other people.



3. Lace Off-the-shoulder neck 3/4 length sleeves mermaid wedding dress with lace-up and stunning chiffon sheath V-neck floor-length bridesmaid dress with straps

If you would like to have a serious wedding, the type of wedding dress is suitable for you. The beautiful and chic lace details and the perfect lace up back. I believe that when you are walking down the aisle, your guest will be surprised at how good-looking you are.Besides, it couldn’t be better to choose long, sweetheart neckline and classical two straps.

Wedding Dress


You are a princess: celebrate your wedding in a castle

As in any fairytale that prevails, the castle has a fundamental role. If you are to marry, it means that you already have your blue prince … And you only need the castle or the palace! Here are some tips for choosing it.

New Couple

Your wedding should reflect your personality and your love story in the same way that your wedding dress is consistent with the choice of your bridal bouquet, or that your favorite wedding songs have to do with your tastes. If you want to marry in a castle or majestic palace, keep in mind these details to know if it is the right place for you.

Your dreams will come true

First of all, make a list with all the castles and palaces that you are interested in and that can also celebrate your wedding. Look for precious historical castles and palaces.


Find the perfect location

It is very necessary to study the location of the castle that you like. Unless accommodation can be offered to those guests who wish or need it, it is always best not to be far away, unless a transportation is organized. Also study the exterior and interior facilities (if they are large enough, bright ..). Find a place wearing your gorgeous casual wedding dress.

Is the first impression important?
Sometimes the first impression you have will not be good. The castles and palaces seem enormous, if they look empty and without any decoration. Use the imagination to create an image in your mind of what your wedding could be and ask for photos of other links held to give you an even more real idea, even snapshots of small details such as candy tables that include ideas for the candy bar , Sushi bars …

3 things you need to do when you receive the engagement ring

After the romantic and unforgettable dinner or the amazing trip in which you have given the engagement ring, which begins a new stage in your relationship. There are some things you would like to do as soon as you have your precious ring.

Engagement ring

Perhaps you have spent the whole night thinking about what your wedding dress will look like, where you will go on your honeymoon, whether you will wear a nice lace wedding dress or where you will find your dreamy bouquet. Whatever your thoughts, the day after the engagement ring gives you many things you can do to make everyone share the joy of that moment.

1. Dads, I’m engaged!

Of course, your family will be the first to know the news, although they will probably have already answered a question from your boyfriend about your tastes or even asked them for a ring to get the measure right. So they deserve to be the first to know that you’re already engaged. From now on they will have to accompany you to choose the dress and the bridal bouquet, the place for the banquet and infinity of details, like go to look at those wonderful vintage wedding invitations or help you find those fun wedding ideas.

2. A whatsApp and meeting with friends

You already have it in your hand and you want to show it to the whole world, but above all you would like to show it to your friends. Open whatsApp and call a meeting to see and drink something, seemingly without reason, and when you are all invite them to a glass of wine or cava, whatever you fancy more. It is time to explain what the special moment was. After this, you can tell the rest of the world through a message or a photo on your social networks.

Engagement ring

3. Immortalize the moment in a fun way

Make a fun photo shoot in a photomaton, selfies in your favorite place with your hand and the ring in the foreground, or if you are more formal, a photo shoot for the memory that can be accompanied by those romantic songs for weddings that you like so much . Whatever your decision, these images will be part of your most personal photo album, and even some of those images, you can use them for your invitations.

Honeymoon in United States: 6 best destinations

We present 6 very attractive proposals to go honeymoon to United States. Do not miss them and choose the ones that attract you most. You can choose one, several or all.

Statue of Liberty

You have sent the wedding invitations to announce the happiest day of your life. After organizing everything you are thinking about your honeymoon trip and although you have not yet talked with your partner you would like to go to the United States. But where? It is a great country. Take note of these 6 ideas.

1. Honeymoon on the West Coast

There are so many places to visit … First stop: San Francisco. A wonderful city caressed by the Pacific breeze. Enjoy Golden Gate Park, its beaches and bridge views. Venture around the city by hopping on cable cars and visit The Painted Ladies, Victorian houses, Fisherman’s Wharf, Litttle Italy or Castro, the winding Lombard Street, and the legendary Alcatraz Prison.

Before leaving San Francisco, head for Napa Valley, 48 miles of beautiful vineyards, Sausalito, Monterey, Mariposa Groove sequoia, and Carmel. Just as thinking about the different wedding decoration ideas was not complicated, nor was discovering vintage wedding invitations, this route will be very simple, if you organize it in advance. What do you think about the mythical Highway 1?

Must see? Yosemite National Park, Los Angeles Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Settle in Death Valley, southwest of California and visit Las Vegas. There you can re-marry by the rite of Elvis Presley and lose you by the casinos. It is a unique experience, as will be a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon of Colorado.


2. Honeymoon in Orlando

Are you going to get married, but you have two children? Do you want to take your children on a honeymoon? Well nothing better than going to Orlando for honeymoon. It is paradise for theme parks. Among them is the Magic Kingdom, the icon park of Walt Disney World Resort and Orlando; And therefore, the one that can not miss in your route. Beyond Cinderella Castle there are many attractions that will fascinate you: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and The Haunted Mansion. Universal Studios is another must-have with its Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Diagon Alley which is simply amazing. Do not miss the water parks, like the Disney Blizzard Beach.

3. Honeymoon for urbanites: New York

Who has not dreamed of visiting the city of skyscrapers? The Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Liberty Island with the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Zero Zone, Broadway, Fifth Avenue or a mini cruise on the Hudson River. New York awaits you.

central park

4. Honeymoon on wheels on Route 66

From Chicago to Los Angeles. The road trips are one of the tops of the trips of boyfriends 2017. A honeymoon on wheels? If you are going to adventure, ride a Harley or a Chevrolet and tour all or part of the mythical route. From Chicago to Los Angeles, passing through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, you’ll enjoy the deep America and the old-west vibe sleeping in rickety motels.

5. Honeymoon in Alaska

Alaska is Great! Its climate is rigorous throughout the year, although in summer temperatures are temperate on the coast and south of the Brooks range. Visit Delani Park, one of Alaska’s most treasured jewels, Anchorage, Chena Hot Springs Hot Springs, Fairbanks Gold Mine, Matanuska and Kenikott Glacier, Paxon Lake and Cooper Landing (Salmon Fishing Area) . More surprises? Take note of a mini-cruise along the shores of Alaska or take a ride aboard the Riverboat Discovery. It is a steamboat, which will take you along the Chena and Tanana rivers, while enjoying spectacular views.

6. Honeymoon in Hawaii

Black and white sand beaches, such as Hamoa Beach, Ernest Hemingway’s favorite

akaka falls

Honeymoon on a cruise ship

Have you not yet chosen a destination for your honeymoon? If you are looking for relaxation, comfort and enjoy several countries in one trip, i think, a cruise is your best option. Surely you will not regret it!


Organizing a wedding is not a easy task. There are many things to arrange and many problems to solve chooe the date and book the banquet, choose the wedding dress and, of course, look for those wonderful wedding shoes or find those little wedding details for the guests. As the time for honeymoon comes, Have you not thought about where to go? If you want comfort and, above all, visit several countries at once without having to worry about anything, a cruise is your choice. Take note of all its advantages.

You will travel on the boat you prefer

Traveling in a cruise offers you basically two options: you can choose cruisers, floating cities with all the services (restaurants, swimming pools, theaters, casinos, cinemas …), or Unload mini-cruises in more intimate and private boats, like a catamaran or a sailboat.


You can visit several destinations and make different stops

With a cruise, why choose a single destination for the honeymoon if you can have more than one? And the cruises allow you to enjoy several stopovers in the same trip and discover different countries and experience various cultures in a few days. In addition, you can avoid having to make and unpack bags continuously, re-register in hotels and take flights from here to there. The cruise will take you every day to a different port, because every night while you rest, the boat sails to another destination.

You will have the wedding trip in a floating hotel

Cruises are floating hotels, many of them are five-star with all kinds of luxuries. Swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds, restaurants, theaters, casinos, cinemas, discos … You will be surprised by the infinite possibilities within your reach. Impossibly do not to know what to do!

You will not feel bored

Yes, the honeymoon is for two. And while you want to be alone with your partner, a cruise also offers fun. You will always expect a new surprise or adventure every time the boat docks in a new port. In addition, a cruise has a detailed schedule so you do not get bored for a single moment. Watch a show, go dancing, go out for a drink … You’ll love it!

Very important: do not forget to pack a prom dress in the suitcase if you attend an aperitif or one of those wonderful long party dresses in case the captain invites you to a gala dinner.


Discover honeymoon deals

Ask about special honeymoon deals, as most shipping companies offer discounts for couples.

You will enjoy unforgettable views and landscapes

Choose a good cabin. The interiors are cheaper, but perhaps for a honeymoon it is more appropriate to choose a large cabin with a balcony, from where to enjoy a unique sunset or to enjoy wonderful landscapes while listening to those romantic songs for weddings that you liked so much.

landscape on a cruise

How about cruising for your honeymoon? Enjoy the beautiful landscape wearing your gorgeous casual wedding dresses. The wedding and honeymoon will become the unforgettable moment in your life.