4 Reasons to Get Married in Summer

Summer is the warm season of the year in which more couples decide to give themselves the “yes, I want”. Good weather, the possibility of holding the outdoor parts … Would you like to discover more advantages of getting married these months? Find all of them below.


Many couples say that summer is the best time of year to get the “yes, I want”. For many boyfriends, summer is a nice season to get married. But if at this point you still have doubts about it, we discover all the reasons why you would like to choose these months to organize the great event of your life.

1. Favorable weather

The good weather that accompanies the summer days is ideal for outdoor weddings, no matter they are celebrated surrounded by nature, in the countryside, in the middle of the forest or by the sea. The only precaution in these cases will be to provide fans, hats or sunglasses for guests during the ceremony, provide water or refreshments, and enable a tent for the banquet if the wedding is during the hours of sun. Besides, choose suitable attire to keep you away from heat. As for the bride, it will be great for her to wear a simple wedding dress to take part in activities in hot weather.

During this season, do not forget that you will enjoy wonderful light and get some beautiful wedding photographs.Wedding Part

2. More guests will come from far away

You will increase the chances of accompanying those guests who live far away, because they can take advantage of the trip and stay for several days enjoying their summer vacation. Although you must be foreseeing and send your wedding invitations in advance so they can organize and go to your great date, do not forget that the summer months can be somewhat complicated, since it is when almost everyone goes on vacation. But if you do things in time, you will have success assured.


3. Brides are super-thin!

It does not matter if you like sleeves wedding dresses or beach style dresses. At this time of year any design will suit you, whether it’s fine straps, short sleeves, heart neckline or halter. And you will not have to worry about carrying accessories, like party shawls, because the temperature goes with it! In addition, the fabrics are light and fresh: cotton, linen …

On the other hand, you are probably somewhat tanned and have a beautiful skin tone, which will stand out even more with the white of the dress. Summer feels wonderful to brides!

4. Dress code of family and friends

Light fabrics will also be the star of the nuptial outfit of the guests, it looks perfect whether it is long or short party dress. To complete them, nothing is better than comfortable wedge sandals.

Would you like to get married in summer? Remember that in addition to all these advantages, you will have more options when thinking about those original ideas for weddings with which to surprise the guests.

5 things you should not tell your florist

Relationships with your suppliers, including the professional who will design your bridal bouquet, are very important. Take note of everything you should never tell your florist to avoid confusion. So your bouquet will be the most beautiful in the world!

Surely you have already made a wedding list with all the providers that are going to intervene in one way or another way in the preparation of your wedding. You have already chosen the atelier that will design your wedding dress and that has given you ideas to choose your wedding shoes. You are also probably already looking for a reliable florist who designs your bouquet.

Understanding and trust with your suppliers are crucial to success, so you have to follow some guidelines when working with them. Take note of everything you should not say to the designer of your bridal bouquet so that the communication between them is perfect.

1. “I also know flowers”

Yes of course. But, let yourself be guided by your experience. Obviously he knows more about flowers than you: they know whether those are seasonal or not, which are more resistant, which combinations of colors are the most elegant … It can be your best ally for you to make a wise decision! Do you remember that you also let yourself be advised to get original wedding ideas? Now you should do the same.

notes about the florist

2. “You have not interpreted my wishes well”

Communication is crucial throughout the process of choice and design of the branch. Communicate, explain what your preferences are. Do not stay in half and, above all, clarify all your doubts and not give the image that you are always insecure. And, of course, do not say yes if you think “I do not know” or you’re not 100% convinced.

3. “I like this type of bouquet and I prefer not to innovate”

A good florist can help you, guide you in your final decision and give suggestions that you had not even imagined. Let yourself go. I’m sure he’ll design the best bouquet for you.

And you do not think you need to personally go to the florist for changes. You can make a Skype to see how the topic progresses.

Internet communication

4. “It’s not that I do not trust your job, but …”

Trust, trust … A good florist will work better if the client puts all his trust in him and gives clues about his wishes. That way you can understand exactly what you want. Above all, do not forget to take a photo of your dress. Everything will decide the style of your bouquet!

5. “I would like to change these flowers” ….

You wanted roses before and now you like peonies. The flowers are beautiful. And the varieties, combinations and options are endless. However, everything takes some planning time, and flowers are a perishable product. If you did not like the style of the bouquet, of course you should tell it. Even the most seasoned florists must accept constructive criticism. You deserve the best in your wedding, but try to make decisions in advance.


What do you think of advice? Surely there will be some that will serve you. And if you have a little time, look at the bridesmaids dresses that your bridesmaids can wear. Surely you form a perfect team.

5 things you should know before saying “yes, I want”


The last wedding songs ring and you are about to set out on your way to your honeymoon. The guests begin to leave, with their party dresses and unforgettable memories, like your spectacular wedding dress. Before you opens a door to a new stage of life. You’re already married. Do you want to know what the marriage will bring you? Here we summarize five things that very few people have told you before the wedding.

1. You will feel different and full of happiness

On the psychological level, marriages are very strong, and the marriage marks a major change. Marriage is not only advancing to the altar with a beautiful dress, exchanging alliances and starting a journey together, it is a decision that involves commitment and loyalty. Inevitably the bond of the couple becomes stronger, since you have proclaimed in front of your loved ones the will to take a road together. You will feel euphoric, happy and full of happiness for the new stage.
Smiling lady

2. You will become an invincible team

In wealth and poverty, in health and illness … They are not just words. The moment you start the adventure of marriage, there all the challenges that life brings and you will face them together. You are able to solve the problems together day to day. The process will give you more strength and will make your love stronger.

3. Begin to plan a common future

When you take a few months together and you want to consolidate your bond, it will be inevitable to start making plans. Plan is one of the successful pillars in a relationship. Sharing a common project, whether it is having a child or decorating your home, makes marriage a wonderful adventure. Do you remember how everything was arranged at the wedding? The two together looking for ideas for the wedding arrangement or finding out who are the designers having those fantastic comfortable wedding shoes? You are a team forever!


4. You will feel that you are a great family

Surely you noticed it when organizing the process. All have helped you to think of fun wedding ideas or to choose from lots of vintage wedding invitations. Not only will your bond become stronger, but also you will share the one with your respective families. The family grows with the arrival of new members and becomes richer in relationships.

5. You will discover that your marriage is a constant learning

It is very positive to see it like this. Of course there will be difficulties along the way, but if you consider them as life lessons, the trip will be a way to learn and grow as a person and as a couple. Before a dilemma, do not be frightened: look at it as an opportunity to know you better.couple

The wedding will be one of the happiest and unforgettable moments of your life and the people who love you, but the real adventure begins the day after. Prepare a gorgeous short wedding dress and you will begin a new life. There is no greater adventure than true love!

Honeymoon in Cuba

We have heard it for over a thousand times: everyone should go to Cuba at least once in their lives. Its streets, music, beaches, people … If you want a magical honeymoon, which is full of charm, take note of everything that you can do in this island.
street and house

When you organize your wedding, the important thing is to be clear about what you like most. You have to be true to yourself. And if you love a particular wedding dress, even if your friends advise not to choose it, listen to your heart and do not let it lose. Besides, when you look for those wonderful wedding shoes or choose the low collection that you liked so much among all wedding hairstyles. Just decide by yourself. And if you love Cuba as a honeymoon destination, focus on the Cuba and do not pay attention to anything else.

Cuba is synonymous with colonial charm, paradisiacal beaches, natural beauty, joy and much, much rhythm. Much of its charm is due to the journey during the time when everyone has a wonderful experience here. If you want to know what awaits you in Cuba, do not miss the details of this article. We will explain everything!

Old Havana

Begin with El Templete, the Palace of the Captains General, the castle of the Royal Force, the Cathedral, the convent and the smaller basilica of San Francisco. The entire city will take you back to the 50’s and colonial times because of its old cars and its lifestyle anchored in the past. Enjoy a city where you will live at nights which is full of Cuban rhythm. So do not forget your short party dresses. The night is young!
car and people

Lost on the Malecon

Just like you can not leave Paris without strolling the Champs Elysees, you can not leave Cuba without losing yourself on the Malecon, the great walk to the ocean. And remember those romantic wedding songs that you love!

The two fortress

Crossing the bay, you will discover two fortresses from the colonial period: the castle of Tres Reyes del Morro and the fortress of San Carlos de la Cavagna. Visiting them is a real joy, because they offer spectacular views of Havana, the bay, the port and the Malecon. And if you go in the afternoon, before 9 pm, you can enjoy El Cavagna, a ceremony that recreates the shot of a cannon over Havana in the eighteenth century. And at night do not miss a romantic dinner in Old Havana with some special party dress.

Crossing the bay, you will discover two fortresses from the colonial period: the castle of Tres Reyes del Morro and the fortress of San Carlos de la Cavagna. Visiting them is a real joy, because they offer spectacular views of Havana, the bay, the port and the Malecon. And if you go in the afternoon, before 9 pm, you can enjoy the sound of the guns, a ceremony that recreates the shot of a cannon over Havana in the eighteenth century. And at night do not miss a romantic dinner in Old Havana in some special party dress.


Few scenarios are as beautiful as pinardelrio. It hides two of the six World Biosphere Reserves on the island. It is also the land of the best tobacco in the world. The visit you have to go is the Vinales Valley, declared Cultural Landscape of Humanity by UNESCO, as well as the Soroa, with its orchid garden and its waterfall. Can you imagine what pictures they would have done here with your nice lace wedding dress?

Varadero, a paradise

It is perhaps the most famous beach on the Cuban island. If you are fascinated by the beaches of fine white sand, with coconut trees and crystalline waters, which is your paradise. Get lost with your husband between the palm trees and the ocean’s infinity.beach

Santiago, Cuba

Without a doubt, it is a wonderful place that you will love. Do not miss the fortress of San Pedro de la Roca or the ruins of the French coffee estates, which is located in the mountains east of the capital. They are Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Also visit the Tivoli, a district of Franco-Haitian origin and approach to the Basilica del Cobre, sanctuary of the Virgin of the Charity, patroness of Cuba, which is located not far from the city.

Sierra Maestra, you will love it

In the Natural Park of Sierra Maestra, there are 17 peaks, among which the Turquino and the Great Stone stand out, the two highest peaks of Cuba. A marvel!

Coral reefs and islands

Overflow landscapes of unusual beauty. Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo are two of the most beautiful, but surely you will discover others.

There are also many other beautiful places for your wedding destination or honeymoon.

5 low cost ideas to decorate the church and not waste your money

You are immersed in the wedding preparations. You look carefully at the wedding dresses that you can choose, even if you do not skimp on expenses, such as those fabulous wedding shoes for your outfit or the wedding details that you have liked so much for your guests, you have not yet thought of the decoration of the church. Quiet. There are many ways to do it without spending a fortune. Simply sprinkle it with details and do not overload it!

1. Paniculata bouquets: inside and outside the church
Do you know her? The paniculata is a tiny little flower that will become your best ally to decorate the church at a good price. It is one of the flowers most used in wedding decoration, because it always gives a romantic and fresh air. There are many kinds: Bristol Fairy, semidoble and white; Flamingo, very pink; Pink Fairy, pink but double flower, or Million Stars, ideal for small bouquets. The flower can also be obtained in a delicious soft pink tone.

Inside the church is surprisingly elegant. Its tones stand out on wood and stone, accompanied by jute or ribbons, as a top of the banks or in large bouquets to decorate the altar, paniculata bouquets are perfect for a 10 atmosphere. And, of course, it also serves to decorate the exterior of the church or the beautiful chapel where you go to get married.

2. More ribbons for the way to the altar
Another simple and decorative solution that is great is to place along the road to the altar with long tapes alone or entwined with small bouquets of white flowers or pitimini roses attached to the benches. The same ribbons can also serve to accompany the flowers of the altar, forming loops. They will bring a very chic touch.

3. Tulle with small floral details
Imagine how romantic the ends of the church benches can be where the guests feel if they are decorated with a simple floral detail held in a steaming tulle strip. Simple bridal bouquets can give you some idea of floral composition to accompany the tulle.
church decoration

4. Petals of roses on the carpet
Can you imagine walking to the altar while the background music sounds for religious weddings that you have chosen? How easy it is to line the central aisle of the church with little rose petals, while you carry your bridal bouquet with coves! It is enough to splash it little by little, before the ceremony, or to let it be the pages or the little bridesmaids who throw the petals as they precede you on your way to the altar. The floral arrangements you place on the altar and at the ends of the benches will complete the decoration of the church to perfection.

5. Soliflores or small bouquets
If you do not like large bouquets you can distribute small or medium bouquets on the altar, or prepare compositions of a single large flower (soliflore), such as coves. Do not forget your great allies when it comes to keeping the budget and giving a note of color to the church: gerberas, daisies, hydrangeas, peonies or even sunflowers, along with bouquets of lavender, spikes or astilbe, knotted with bows Or jute if your wedding is country or vintage style.

When you confirm your church decorations, you can choose some beautiful wedding dresses for the church wedding.

Three tips to buy wedding dresses

There are many significant and important events in people’s life. For example, graduate from college, find the first job, get married and so on. Today i will talk about the wedding. It is a very meaningful event for the couples, also for their parents. Their parents are very excited to see their child find the right partner to live a happy life. According to the couples, from the first meet, maybe there are many difficulties needed to be done in the process, Finally they overcome the problems and agree on marriage. What a wonderful thing it is. By no means will they give up when they fall down in their life. The bride really worth a gorgeous wedding dress. So i will introduce some tips to pick up wedding dresses.

1. Choose the silhouette for your wedding dress
There are various kinds of silhouettes for your choice. You probably would like the A-line wedding dress. It is a normal type. The A Line is a normally flattering silhouette. The A-Line wedding dress features a skirt that gradually begins to flare out from a fitted bodice, starting below the natural waist, and lightly skimming the hips, as it extends to the hem, forming an “A” shape. For the petite brides, it will display a taller appearance. As for the ball gown wedding dress, i think that it will hide a heavier bottom.Besides, it will make you look like fairytale princess. wedding dress
the source : http://www.evwedding.com/floor-length-tulle-buttons-luxury-wedding-dresses-wd113459.html

2. Consider the budget for the wedding dress
It is very necessary for you to plan the budget for the wedding dress. So you will know to buy your wedding dress online or go for the dress in the local shop. If you are interested in the online shopping, you can give a try. Of course, it is up to you.

3. Choose the fabric for your wedding dress.
You could find many fabrics for your wedding dress. Chiffon, satin, organza, tulle, silk and other materials. If you would like to choose a summer wedding, in my opinion, choosing chiffon, tulle will be very cool. If you like the short wedding dress, i think that it not only will cut down the expenses, but also make you feel easy on your wedding day.

Some ideas about the wedding cakes

Every bride would like to hold a special and significant wedding. As the date is approaching, the brides will be excited. Of course, there are many things needed to be done. So at the same time, they have a lot of works to do in the following months. Purchase the wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses. Besides, they will handle other Today I will talk about how to choose a nice wedding cake.
If you prefer to buy the sweet cakes, in my opinion, it will be a very interesting part of your plans for you. Because you can taste so many wedding cakes which has many de delicious favors.
Be easy to find the suitable cake flavors
Just be easy. Because it is a easy job and it is not difficult for you to choose the suitable cakes flavors. When you make a list of your guest. You need to be cautious and don’t forget one of your guests. Of course, it is normal that you and your partner have different ideas about how to make the wedding cakes. However, there will be a good solution to your problem. So say your thoughts and talk to your partner. Maybe you know you partner’s taste. But they will give you a surprise or just want to make sure that the wedding cake is special. It is very suitable for you to talk to your partner and make a list of possibilities.cake

Some behaviors are not allowed for the guests

No matter how big the wedding size is, it will take a large amount of money to prepare a wedding. If you come to the wedding without a gift, even don’t take a greeting card. So the couples will think that you attend their wedding only to have fun, not to wish the couples. There is a saying, although the gift is very small, your feeling and real emotion is very significant for the couples. Today, I will talk about some things which is banned. Just remember that don’t let yourself break the important the wedding.

Don’t dress in red or white
On the big day, the couples will be the only center of the people’s eyes. If the bride wear a white wedding dress, and you also dress in white. It is obvious that you want to be attractive as the bride although you don’t want to mean to do it. And if you dress in red, red is a relative obvious color. So don’t dress in red or white. Even if there are any demand for attire, you can choose other colors.dress

2.Don’t drink too much
Of course, the guests will drink wine or beer on the wedding day, it is suitable for them to drink moderate amounts of alcohol. So, don’t always drink. You could talk with the others about many interesting things. If you drink too much, people will notice it. The people will laugh for the strange behavior, however, the couples won’t laugh because you will lose control. If you just want to go to sleep after you drink too much, it is ok. If you drink too much and would like to say the secret about the couples. You will find that the couples won’t forget the embarrassing moment in the rest of the life and won’t see you again.