Everything you would like to know about the wedding toast

As we all know, there are various kinds of wedding toasts. Some are very funny and interesting, some are simple, some are very long and nice. However, regardless of what the style is, the wedding toasts will be made at a wedding reception.

1. Some advice for someone wants to give a toast who doesn’t know what to say
In my opinion, feel free to say something, in addition to talking about the marriage or offering advice. It is fine to say a interesting story, of course, the story should refer to the couple and use this story to describe something deeper.

2. Advice for someone who gets brain freeze mid toast
When you see the people at the same table, you would like to give a toast but no ideas on your mind. Just don’t worry and smile. Be enthusiastic and say, “ I really love you guys. Cheers!” At this time, everybody will feel very comfortable and happy, them are willing to raise their glasses.

3. What is one of the greatest wedding toasts you’ve ever heard?
It should be the speech made by the bride’s best friend. They always do crazy things in their childhood. After that, they go to school together. They help each other when one of them get into trouble in their life. They are optimistic and always smile. So we all expect to hear a funny conversation. However, her friends finish the toast with embarrassing stories. After the girl completed her toast, we are moved in our original position.Get the inspiring quotes from here.
Her speech is really moving and sincere. It is filled with emotion and it is more like a sister’s conversation than a friend conversation. Later, I look forward to hearing that somebody will give a toast just like the previous moving moments.

Tips for Plus-Size wedding dresses

As for a bride-to-be, wedding is one of the most significant things in her life. How to record the most beautiful moment at the wedding? In my opinion, a gorgeous wedding dress, a pair of suitable and attractive shoes, a kind of popular stylish hairstyle will be some important parts to be a complement to your beauty. Today i will talk about the plus-size wedding dress. Maybe it is a challenge for you. However, there are so many fabric, silhouettes, styles that you could find the one you loved. I will tell you the suggestion when it comes to plus-size wedding dress shopping. Here are some tips to achieve your dream and make you feel perfect.

1.Look for ruching
Wedding dress with ruche or ruching will be relatively more forgiving in spite of your figure or shape. Besides, it will help add the beauty and make the dress looks structured. When you choose the wedding dress with ruche, it is a good idea to choose the asymmetrical pattern. For example, choose the wedding dress with the ruche gathered on one site of the dress. It will give the impression that you will look longer in height.

2.Consider A-line silhouette
A-line wedding dress with an empire waist will be very attractive and stunning. Especially, if you want more coverage. It is a good idea to choose the A-line silhouette.
wedding dress
The source:http://www.evwedding.com/a-line-empire-junoesque-wedding-dresses-wd113457.html

3. Choose the right fabric
It is very important to choose the suitable fabric. The taffeta, organza, lace, and satin are all very chic for the plus-size brides. Try not to choose the chiffon fabric, which will magnify your body’s details. So there are so many choices waiting for you. It isn’t necessary for you to worry too much about the fabric.

4. Show your curves with a dropped waist
If the brides want to show the curves, it is a good idea to choose the dropped waist corseted dress, which not only create the curves but also show your charm.

Tips to find the nice wedding venue for your budget

Most people think that your wedding venue will be everything. If you would save money or cut down your expenses, it helps to compare the choices. Besides, your celebration will depend on the wedding venue. Today, i will guide you to choose which kind of location is best for you according to both budget and you wedding style.
Wedding held in hotels are very suitable for the guests from all around the country. Because the hotel staff is experienced in receptions. Generally, it is a good and suitable choice for cutting down your expenses or control your budget. However, you need to remember the following important things.
Wedding hotel

1. Confirm the total fee
Check it double times and make sure that everything is included in the fee. At a hotel, you need to check the tables, chairs and other things. In addition to the food, drinks, beer, wine, you need to make sure that other things are included.
wedding hotel

2. Choose the low season
It is a good idea to inquire the hotel staff which season is the high season and the low season. Although every hotel has different prices in terms of the location, if you choose to book at low season, it will help you save tons of money. So try to avoid the high season and select the low season.

3. Negotiate-before signing a contract
Negotiate-before signing a contract. When you look for the hotels, many hotels will have some set prices for the package deals. So you confirmed the hotel you prefer, just negotiate with the manager. If you do so, it has the possibility that you could get much coupon. It is good idea to ask for a wedding-night suite or a free package upgrade.

Tips to mail your wedding invitations

As you big day is coming in the next months, you would be very excited. You have got every invitation signed and sealed. The next step is to deliver your invitation to the destination. After it takes a couples of months to work on your stationery, you will probably have a deep understanding about the paper products. However, When you are ready to ship out your invitations, it is very necessary for you to know something. Today I will talk about two things about the announcements.

1. Tissue paper inserts can keep it from smudging.
According to our experience, it is suitable for you to insert the tissue paper. Our aim is not to make stationery have a more good-looking appearance. As you place tissue paper between the layers of your stationary, even if it will increase your expenses, you can keep it from smudging. When you write the info on you invitations with a darker colored ink, the cards will rub together. So it is suitable for you to add the tissue paper to make sure that your beautiful paper will reach the destination in good shape and tidy look.

2. Square invitations require more postage.
It will cost more money for you to use square invitations because of the abnormal shape. However, it hasn’t a big difference. It mainly depends on the actual size. You can cut down your expenses though choosing a regular envelop. There are also many ways to save on the invitations, it is suitable for you to select the postcard instead of a traditional response card. Because the cost of a postcard stamp will be less.

Tips to make your wedding special

Wedding budget is very big,it will basically cost plenty of money, it include the fee of renting chair and all the other fees from hiring the makeup artist and rental other things. However, not everything making wedding special needs to pay a big price.Today I will introduce several ways to make your wedding special.

For advertising material, you could upload the video to the YouTube, which can be a good way to let a guest feel excited about the wedding day. 12 days before the wedding, you can also consider to send a funny or interesting facts about yourself to your guests who live the hotel room. It will certainly cause their attention, and show your great respect, time and thoughts.
wedding details

Hire a good musician
Please remember, not a luxury ceremony, just venue rental and food and beverage opens the other choices on financial, because it really let the life become intimate and unforgettable things. Considering hiring a violinist or cellist, in a cozy restaurant private room to play for an hour, at the same time with a new law or a folk band to have a picnic in the park for a picnic, and invite the closest friends with you.

Design the wedding ceremony.
The bride and groom can write and read their own their personal vows through music on the ceremony. Some couples even write the script of the entire ceremony for their officiant, include the personal stories and anecdotes. Run with a theme or simply use words and phrases suiting own personality.If you select your host, be sure to ask some questions about his or her willingness to cooperate with you.So the next step is to customize the ceremony.

Perfect wedding destinations around the world

Today i will introduce three perfect wedding destinations around the world. The scenery is very beautiful.

Greece – Santorini

Santorini is the most beautiful pearl of the Aegean Sea and Plato’s free land. There are the most beautiful sunset and the most magnificent sea view in the world, the blue and white color subtly mingle, which is the dream of honeymooners.
wedding destination

In addition to face the beautiful scenery of the blue sea, walking between the houses stroll, comeing across kitten, visiting the gallery is also a good choice.wedding destination

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul’s geography across the two continents and it is the integration of Europe, Asia, Africa continents of national ideology, culture, the essence of art. Thus become an important intersection of the East and West ideology and culture.
wedding destination

There are more than 40 museums, over 20 churches and over 450 mosques. Among them the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which is known as the Blue Mosque, is one of the most important buildings in Istanbul.

Istanbul is noisy on the daytime, the sound of singing echoed in the city. However, it is very quiet at night. There are always kittens on the street. If you like the national flavor, obsessed with the oriental style, it is a good chioce for you to choose Istanbul to be your wedidng destination.church


Bhutan is located in the southern slope of the eastern section of the Himalayas, with its east, north and west bordering China and the southern bordering India. Scenery is similar to Tibet , the difference is that here is more away from the hubbub of paradise than Tibet.scenery

Bhutan attaches great importance to the protection of the environment and ecological resources, each year only allow 6,000 foreign tourists inbound tourism. The air is definitely fresh and the natural environment is very beautiful.wedding destination

Besides, these places are the suitable places for proposal. Get you proposal ideas from here.

2 times not to put forward proposals

The marriage proposal is very special and important step in your life. If you are succeed in proposal, you will be very thrilled and delighted. As is known, sometimes you will be refused. May your partner really love you but hesitate because of some unexpected factors. There are many reasons causing this frustrated result. Before you put forward proposal, it is necessary for you to know some things about how to avoid the bad result. Today I will talk about the certain times when you should avoid proposing. Although you have a strong desire to marry her, you should calm down and find the appropriate opportunities.

When your partner feel sad and stressful
If your partner feel sad and stressful, he or she will avoid the proposal topic. Because your partner can’t get rid of the sadness or the sense of stress. You probably believe your loved partner will be happy. Actually, it can have the opposite effect. When a person in a period of sad times, it is very difficult to be positive. So the only thing which you need to do is comforting he or she. After that, you could put forward proposal and you will make it.

When it is a important day for others
It should be a very happy day for your friend to celebrate the birthday. If you propose at this time, even if you don’t want to steal your friend’s thunder, actually you did it. Or it is your cousin’s baby shower day, it is not suitable for your to do it. As we all know, they want to be focused because it is happy times belonging to them. Besides, if you friend proposes first, you need to avoid to propose right now. Waiting a couple of weeks and pop the question. IF Your partner is hard to surprise, Here are some tips for you.

3 tips to make your guests impressed at your wedding

There are only a few months to celebrate your big day. On a such important and special day, every bride worth a gorgeous wedding dress. Besides, the couples all want to personalize their wedding. They not only would make the guests satisfied with their food and drink, but also have them amazed at the beautiful decorations. OF course, they aim at hold a perfect wedding. Now i will talk some tips to add some attractive elements to wow your guest. At the some time, as for the bride, it is a nice choice to purchase a pretty wedding dress. As for the bride, it is also important to wear suitable bridesmaid dress to stand the bride out. Here are 3 tips to make it.

Choose a gorgeous wedding dress and pretty bridesmaid dresses

First of all, before you purchase the dresses, collect your bridesmaid’s sizes and confirm the sizes with them for double times. If you have enough budget, you could absolutely buy your dresses in the local shop. Of course, it will cost a large amount of money, but it will make sure it fit you well. When you choose to get your dress online, it is necessary for you to order in advance, usually two months before your wedding. Sometimes, it needs to make some alterations or exchange the dresses. There are many ways to find your beautiful dresses. Such as, search by silhouette, search by fabric, search by features.
wedding dressesp fit before your wedding and lose your weight
Wedding dresse in Mermaid silhouette : http://www.evwedding.com/empire-waist-mermaid-backless-floor-length-wedding-dresses-wd113449.html

Bridesmaid dress in chiffon fabric : http://www.evwedding.com/knee-length-spaghetti-straps-chic-chiffon-occasions-dresses-bd116439.html

wedding dress
Wedding dress in lace feature : http://www.evwedding.com/knee-length-spaghetti-straps-chic-chiffon-occasions-dresses-bd116439.html

Prepare a healthy diet and keep fit every day. Some tips are provided to achieve your goal and keep fit. exercise

Make some nice decorations and offer delicious food and enough drink

Decorate your table and chairs with flesh flowers and greenplants. Personalize your plate and glass and make them look special. Offer the latest trends of wedding menus.

Don’t ignore the wedding details

If your wedding is approaching, you will be excited about it. Maybe you can’t wait to walk down the aisle to wow your groom in beautiful wedding dresses. Of course, it will be very busy because you have a lot of things to do. Maybe you will forget one detail facing so many different matters. That is why I pulled together a list of wedding details you would forget. As we all know, the venue, or cake baker, make-up artist are essentials. However, pay attention to following wedding details will make a real difference to you big day if you would like to give a deep impression to your guests or just yourself. Besides, it is a good way to personalize your day. Take a look at the following content and your will get some inspiration.
wedding dress
The source : http://www.evwedding.com/floor-length-tulle-buttons-luxury-wedding-dresses-wd113459.html
Pay attention to your personal touches which match your style

As far as I am concerned, your venue or caterer will offer the some popular napkins for your guests. In this way, you could think of it and make some difference to it. Try to choose some custom ones will attract and wow the people. It is very easy for you to add some elements to the napkins as your special personal touches. Besides, the cocktail, the glasses and centerpieces will be the suitable choices.

Bride and Bridal Party Getting-Ready Outfits
Although an oversize T-shirt and sweatpants are the perfect getting-ready outfit on any day. However, it is a special day. If you want to plan to take some beautiful photos with your bridal party. The pictures will be attractive and full of happy elements if you choose the appropriate outfits. You need to make sure that when you take it off, it will not mess up your hair and the delicate makeup. It is a nice choice for you to choose a robe.

Some picking wedding dresses choices for the petite bride

It is very important for the bride to choose a wedding dress belonging to their own before the wedding, but petite little bride want to know how to choose it. Today I share you with picking wedding skills as a small bride for the wedding dress style, take a look at it.
How small bride to choose wedding dress? Many petite little bride will be concerned about the choice for the wedding dress, afraid of their petite body can not afford long wedding. In fact, a small bride pay attention to some wedding dress selection techniques and they can choose the appropriate dress. Let us take a look at picking the wedding skills.

choose one for small bride wedding dress , short wedding dress
From the perspective of small bride, short wedding dress is undoubtedly the best choice for short bride, because the short wedding dress can make the bride’s legs exposed, which will also not make people feel the burden of wedding drag, but also better show the lively playful side of a short bride, showing a different kind of beauty. If the short bride also want to choose the wedding dress with train, then it is best to choose the short in the front and the long design style in the back. From the current fashion trend of view, short wedding dress is also a very fashionable choice.wedding dresses
the source: http://www.evwedding.com/short-ladylike-lace-and-satin-a-line-bateau-neckline-natural-waist-wedding-dress-wd112690.html

Selection two For little bride wedding dress , high waist wedding
If you do not like short wedding dress, then the short bride can also choose high waist design style. This high waist wedding not only can effectively improve the height of the bride’s feeling, but also gives a lively and lovely feeling. Short bride must avoid the choice of long train wedding dress, because it will not only look cumbersome, but also make the bride look even smaller.

Little bride wedding dress selection three, elegant open fork wedding
If bride want to wear the long wedding dress, there is a wedding option, that is, choose a split or side of the split in the wedding dress, and have to ensure that the wedding material of light, so when the bride walking , A pair of legs can be looming and beautiful, which will give a more aesthetic feeling, but also will make the bride look more noble.