Some ideas about the wedding

1. Why the bride is always standing on the left side of the groom
Different from the traditional Chinese wedding, Western-style wedding is not to follow the “male left female right” position to stand. It was because in ancient times the Anglo-Saxon groom had to come forward to prevent the bride from being taken away by others. At the wedding ceremony, the bridegroom have the bride stand on his left, once the rival appears, you can immediately pull out the sword to repel the rival.

2. Why the bride choose to wear a white dress
Since the beginning of the Roman era, the white symbol of celebration, red symbolizes the same festive. Between 1850 and 1990, white was also a symbol of wealth. By the beginning of the twentieth century, the meaning of white on behalf of purity is far more than the other. So white is usually the preferred color of the dress, but also a symbol of the bride’s beauty and holiness. Here is a white dress.
wedding dress
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3. Why the bride choose to wear veil?
Initially, the bride’s veil symbolizes youth and purity. It is said that when there is a beautiful aristocratic girl, inadvertently stood behind the white veil curtains, her fiance saw a scary man, amazed, which gave her at the wedding with a white gauze inspiration, her move immediately set off A gust of fashion, which is today the bride wear a white veil of the origin of the custom.

4. Why cut wedding cake?
In accordance with European traditions, the bride and groom kissed each other on the both sides of the cake. There is a clever cakes division inspiration, all kinds of pastries mixed together, and then covered with a layer of white frost, it became a modern wedding cake. Cut the cake, the groom and the bride must be two people with a knife cut the first piece of cake, not a person cut, do not ask others to do it. And bread crumbs are lucky, single girl if the cake of the debris to take home, under the pillow, you can see in the dream of their future Prince Charm is like.

some ideas to choose wedding ceremony readings

In addition to the attractive prince wedding dresses and beautiful bridesmaid dresses. There are impressive various kinds of wedding ceremonies. If you want to have special and personalized wedding ceremony, it is good way to choose appropriate readings. The wedding ceremony readings can show your love to your loved one and other friends who can’t occur in your wedding due to special reasons. Today I will talk about some ways to help you to choose the appropriate wedding readings for your ceremony.
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bridesmaid dress
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Talk with your officiant

Talk to your wedding officiant about the wedding readings. As we all know, your officiant can provide many ideas to add some elements to your ceremony according to your requirements. If you want to add more personality and other styles for your ceremony, your officiant can help you to make your thoughts achieved.

How many wedding ceremony readings do you need?

Generally speaking, i will recommend one or two wedding ceremony readings to you. You need to know that your guests will be bored and sleepy if you have many readings. If you just have one reading, it will make your guests impressed and interested in your next activities. If many your loved ones are willing to be readers, you can divide your readings into several parts and let them read it separately.

Think about your readers

If you have get into trouble in choosing wedding ceremony readings, you could think about the people according to their age. If you choose a lovely child, a passage from a fairytale book will be suitable. If the passage is the source of the Shakespeare, it is good idea to choose your friend to read. Make a plan to arrange the readers to read in order, and it will help your reads feel more confident and comfortable. At the same time, your guests will enjoy your stylish ceremony.

3 Honor Duties to Remember as bridesmaid for the Wedding Day

From paying attention to the birde’s appearance to the reception ending. At the wedding, the bridesmaid need to do many things. Today i will talk about the must-do taskes to help the couple, and make sure that the guests will enjoy the activities.

1. Make sure the bride’s hair and makeup done in time, including other people.

If you notice that someone ‘s make up really needs a long time, or the lipstick of the bride’s lipstick doesn’t look good, it is time that you show up and adjust the schedule to make everything is in order. Before the bride walk down the aisle, check again whether the bride’s appearance has any flaw.

2. Make sure the bride eats and drinks all the day.
Perhaps your bride are too nervous to eat plenty of breakfast, if they couldn’t eat enough food, they will be hungry and can’t show the most beautiful side to the guest. As the breakfast time comes, create a easy atmosphere and say some jokes. Your bride will feel not so serious and will focus on the breakfast. Make sure that the bride drink enough water, you need to pay attention to the water glass.

3. Take care of the bride’s wedding dress after the reception.
When it is time to say goodbye to the reception, it is necessary to take care of the beautiful wedding dress. It takes a long time for the bride to find the suitable and make the alteration for the perfect wedding. So it deserve your protection. It shouldn’t left on the floor. Make sure that you should do some washing for the dress. When your bride comes back after the honeymoon, seeing the perfect wedding dress which show her beauty is definitely is a significant.
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Some advises for outdoor wedding

It is very popular to hold a outdoor summer wedding. If you love the blue sky and green grassland, on which the guests enjoy themselves with the slight breeze and fresh air. Seeing the birds fly in the sky is definitely a beautiful landscape. Especially for couples who like the nature and want to take advantage the sunny skies. There are many venues adapted to be held, such as gardens, farms and other destination wedding.

It is another choice for the couples to hold the wedding. Maybe you could think of some venues in you mind. Of course, here comes the romantic beach wedding and some destination weddings filled with vibrant joyful atmosphere. As well all know, if you decide a destination wedding, it mean that you need to travel to other places, which is relatively time-consuming. Climbing a not tall mountain in your area is also a good choice, which doesn’t require too much travel.

Although it has many advantages to host your wedding outdoors, you should plan and consider many factors. Nature goes not according to your plans and plan an nasty role. The big storm or heavy rain, super hot temperature with no wind, which you have no ideas to solve it. And they are really annoying. So it is suitable for your to check the weather and temperature. Take some actions to prevent yourself from sunstroke. Purchase some medicine and find your wedding venue with plenty of shadows.


Hot and sticky weather means that you’ll need to keep your attire from being too fussy and stuffy, especially if you will be outside for a long time. If you’re wearing a dress, lightweight styles are your best choice (unless your venue will have the air conditioning on full blast!). Looking for dresses that have slimmer silhouettes and are made using airy fabrics, such as organza, tulle, lace, or chiffon. Some beautiful chiffon wedding dresses are designed for the hot wedding.
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wedding dress
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Some ways to lose weight before your wedding

Every bride wants to give a deep and good impression on her guest. Many brides will make a plan to lose weight and keep fit. When she succeed in losing weight and wear gorgeous and suitable wedding dress at the wedding, which is a pleasant and perfect thing. Then i will talk about some ways to lose weight and keep fit.
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Drink Water
As we all know, one adult need plenty of water. If the body lack water, you will feel tired and uncomfortable. And water is very important and it can get rid of toxins. If you drink enough water, it can prevent you from getting sick. According to the statistics, it is necessary to drink eight glasses a day. However, you can control it depend on the actual situation. If you exercise that day, it is obvious that you need to drink more water.
Tip for the taking: Get a boiled water and let it cool, then add a few lemons to your water bottle to give it some flavor.
wedding weight plan

There are many exercise ways to lose weight, make a plan to exercise regularly. Set a target, when you finish the target, you will feel excited and are willing to continue to do exercise. You can do anything to get moving. Twenty minutes of exercise a day will do wonders to boost your energy and kick-start the calorie burning process. It is a good idea to call your friends run on the gym. If you love freedom style, Walking to the grocery store and taking the stairs at work is ok. In a word , keep moving.

wedding weight plan

Fill up on fruits and veggies
If you fill up on fruit and vegetables every day, you’ll have less room for more fattening treats.
wedding weight plan

Interesting engagement party game

When the wedding comes, there are many things needed to be done for couples. In addition to the gorgeous chiffon wedding dress, which is a a splendid landscape.Sometimes, if your wedding has some fun parts, which is enough fun for the guests. The guests will enjoy themselves and love your wedding. If the engagement party is very interesting, the guests will be impressed and talk about your wedding for a time. How to host an fun engagement party? If you provide enough different kinds of delicious food, wine and drinks at a location. It doesn’t mean it is an interesting party. The theme of the party should be that you introduce them to know each other. One of the best ways to have guests (who may not know each other) mingle and get acquainted is to play a few engagement party games and icebreakers. Of course, playing engagement party games definitely isn’t mandatory engagement party etiquette, but it can only add to the fun. There are two our favorite engagement party games in the following.

Engagement Party Game: Picture Match
How to play: If you’re inviting guests from all over your country,generally speaking, they haven’t meet each other before. This picture-matching engagement party game helps them to know each other. Ask the couple for various of smile photos of the two of them and then print them . (You’ll need half the number of the quantity of the guests, so if there are 100 attendees, you’ll need 50 photos). Remember save one copy of these snapshots if they are prints and you can check it when the guests collect the two photos. Cut the photos in half and place each half in an envelope to be handed out randomly to guests when they arrive. You can give the presents to the winner for motivation. Guests are willing to talk to one another to find their picture’s other half. In the process, if someone want to know another, it is a good way to avoid embarrassment. So you can arrange your engagement party as like this one.
engagement party

2 ways to make your wedding impressive

When the big day comes, in addition to prepare the wedding dresses, it is time to celebrate the love between you and your lifelong companion. But there’s another goal at hand: Holding one significant epic party is a important thing. If you add many stylish elements to the weding, maybe it can wow your guests. And they will talk about the wedding for years . But how do you make your wedding day impressive amongst the differents kinds of weddings? I made a list of 2 easy ways you can get the party what you really want, it is a good idea to add the element of your love experience with your partner. When the day comes, your guests who from different areas will gather together and celebrate the important moment. Of course, they also want to have a good time here. So make sure the evening is interactive and they can enjoy the activities. Once they are addicted to the entertainment, time flies. And they will feel easy and satisfied. At the same time, they’ll feel like an important part of the proceedings.

shorten your ceremony time
Don’t get us wrong. You completely enjoy your wedding if your wedding ceremony is brief. Your dear friends and families gather together at your big day to see you get married — but nobody feel easy to watch a long ceremony. So find the actual proceedings (not including entrances and exits) around 30 minutes so you will let them impressed.
wedding ceremony

Give your Guests a Welcome Basket
When your guests attend your destination wedding or a hometown bash, some of your guests had to travel to be a part of your big day. Your heart is filled with appreciation, it is a good idea to give welcome bags to guests who left their homes. Then put some things in it. Include a few snacks, bottles of water.If you have enough money, throw in some wine, tasty local treats.

8 Wedding Venue Trends for 2017

Your wedding venue will influence many of your wedding details. Beyond the color scheme and the style of your wedding, it will also direct the wedding’s floor plan, food service and can even inspire your choice of wedding dress. Rustic chic weddings may have reigned supreme for the past few years, but modern “blank slate” spaces as well as formal, grand ballrooms are picking up in popularity with brides and grooms. WeddingWire spoke with several wedding planners and venue managers across the country to discover what the hot new trends in wedding venues are to help you in your search to find the right one for your wedding.
wedding venue

Blank Slate Spaces

Couples who have a vision for their wedding are looking for a venue that is a blank space which they can truly make their own. “Almost every couple wants to adjust the look of the venue to what they think is better for them,” explains Ahmad Alzear of Hashemites Event Hall in Duluth, Georgia. “They do not want to feel like they have been assigned a décor and would rather choose their own look.” Ahmad recommends that couples ask to see a sample album of previous décor at the venue to get a better understanding of all the possibilities. With rental companies offering everything from velvet upholstered furniture to vintage bar carts to antique tabletop items, a couple can create their dream wedding design and bring it to life without having to fight a venue’s wallpaper, carpeting or other décor details that may clash with what they want for their wedding day. Nadia Huerta at The White Sparrow in Union Valley, Texas adds, “Our space is a blank slate and you can make it as earthy, glam or country as the bride needs or they can be minimal and let the venue speak for itself.”

Natural Light

Thanks to Instagram everyone is looking for a venue that allows for natural light to ensure “likable” photos. Airy locations with floor-to-ceiling windows or skylights will guarantee that as long as there is daylight, your wedding ceremony and reception will get plenty of natural light for both your photos and the overall ambiance of the day.

Moveable Accent Walls

For years couples have been finding multiple uses for different design elements. Think bridesmaid bouquets adorning the wedding cake table and ceremony aisle décor being used as centerpieces too. A beautiful moveable wall can be decorated with flowers or draped in fabric and placed at the altar for your wedding ceremony’s backdrop, and then moved into the cocktail hour to decorate the bar, into the reception to be the backdrop for the wedding cake, and even as a photo booth. “One of the biggest trends we have seen is a floral wall installation, typically placed behind the altar,” says Marisa Malgieri, the Event Sales Manager at Brooklyn Winery in Brooklyn, New York. Working with an event designer or florist couples can decorate it in the best way to enhance their wedding’s overall look and feel.

Lounge Areas

Instead of setting up traditional tables and chairs, couples are looking to create a more comfy, even home-like atmosphere, with furniture that would more closely resemble a living room or evening lounge for their cocktail hour, dancing portion or after party. “Brides love little sitting areas in the grass areas or upstairs on our balcony,” shares Nadia. “It’s a great way for guest to feel the style of the wedding and picture ops is a huge plus.” As for what you can rent, there are countless rental firms that specialize in furniture around the country, both retro and modern, and you can work with them to find the right styles that complement your venue and theme.
wedding venue

Industrial Spaces

Old brick buildings that used to be a warehouse or factory, or in some cases still are, offer couples a unique setting unlike most of the weddings they’ve been to. Exposed brick walls, metal accents and, in many cases, a vast amount of space, allow a couple to have a wedding in both a rustic setting that is also quite modern. “Brooklyn Winery is a working winery so our event space is a mix of rustic and industrial elements, including accents of unfinished wood, steel and brick,” explains Marisa. “The Winery has the vibe and style of a raw space, but with the full-service elements couples need to execute their wedding with ease and minimal stress!” Working within such a space can allow a couple to go rustic vintage or rustic modern in their design depending on the colors, flowers and table arrangements they select. “I think that rustic is still in, although the trend has now taken a rustic-modern approach with big open spaces with minimal décor,” says Josiah Loyarr, Co-Founder and Executive Designer at Ninth & Everett, a design firm that works in Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans and Charleston.

Less is More

In 2017 wedding planners and event designers are seeing a more curated design scheme for weddings. “Couples are taking the ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to décor,” says Josiah. Some simple but statement-making décor ideas include flowers and greenery on the wall or hanging from light fixtures he shares. Mixing and matching centerpieces, monochromatic arrangements and geometric shapes are also quite popular. When designing your wedding keep this thought from Josiah in mind: Curated tablescapes over a ton of stuff just taking up space on the table is key.

Outdoor Space

An outdoor space can be a great option, as long a Mother Nature doesn’t fight you. Couples can use it for any part of the wedding from their first look and portraits to their ceremony and reception. Talk to your wedding planner and venue manager about what you can use the space for and then decide which part or parts of the wedding you want to be outdoors. For example, you can recite your vows as the sun sets, go indoors for dinner, and then back outside to dance under the stars. As long as you have a Plan B in place you should feel safe and secure that your wedding will go off without a hitch.

wedding venue

Rustic Formal

While couples may still be looking for a rustic look over all, there is definitely an increase in rustic-style weddings that have a bit more formality than a barefoot in a field bride and groom. “The term rustic is no longer synonymous with plain and simple fashion,” says New Jersey based wedding planner Joanna Lenck of Square Mile Events. “I’ve seen a shift in rustic wedding trends from barns sprinkled with mason jars and bales of hay to more formal affairs featuring wrought iron architectural installations, decor vignettes showcasing cloches with meticulously styled potted seasonal blooms and row upon row of mixed material votives and pillar candles.”

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7 Ways to Decorate Your Cake With Fresh Flowers

Blooms aren’t just for your centerpieces, you know.

By Elizabeth WieckFAVORITE

When it comes to creating a naturally beautiful design, topping a confection with fresh flowers really takes the cake. Just make sure to chat with your florist and baker first—oftentimes they can team up to construct the design together. (If you go rouge and decide to plop a few blooms on the cake yourself, you might end up donning your confection with flowers that aren’t safe to eat!) And there’s a bonus here: You’ll save a pretty penny when it comes to costs. Fresh flowers are less expensive than those made of sugar, which are painstakingly crafted by hand.

Around the Base
wedding cakes


In lieu of a stand, surround the base of your cake with vibrant fresh flowers. We love the look of a pared-down cake with subtle texture in the fondant, which allows the blooms to take center stage.

A Traditional, Modern Twist Wedding in Holland, Michigan

Statement Arrangement
wedding white cakes

Why not give your cake its own bouquet? Have your cake baker or florist group a variety of flowers together that mirror your own bouquet, or have them whip up something totally different. A simple swag can make all the difference.

From: A Vintage Wedding in Austin, Texas

Floral Topper

wedding cake


Flowers are a fresh update on the usual figurines or signage that often sit atop the top tier. Go as big as you want, especially on smaller cakes that could use some height. A subtle rippling effect to the layers keeps this cake from being boring, while letting the topper steal the show.

From: A Chic, Rustic Wedding at Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia

In Between Tiers

wedding cake


Adding floral fillers in between layers of cake is a beautiful way to make your dessert stand tall. We recommend using varieties with lush, large blooms, like hydrangeas. Bonus: Big-headed stems means you’ll need less flowers, resulting in big savings.

From: A Garden-Style Wedding at Pursell Farms in Sylacauga, Alabama

Floral Accent

wedding cake


Less can be more, especially when it comes to a naked cake. A single flower perfectly complements the minimalist aesthetic of a simple confection and creates a beautifully polished look.

From: A Romantic, Rustic Wedding at Montaluce Winery & Estates in Dahlonega, Georgia

Cascading Blooms

wedding cake


Your cake will stand out by using a mix of floral varieties. Blooms with different sizes, textures and colors work together to guide your eye from one tier of the cake to the next while still maintaining a visual interest.

A Vintage Barn Wedding at Wildwood Family Farms in Alto, Michigan

Succulent Details

wedding cake


Achieve the perfect balance of romance and edge with alternating blooms. Roses are romantic, while succulents add a different architecture into the mix and can turn a buttercream confection into the perfect rustic dessert.

From: A Simple Wedding at Lake Mary Events Center in Lake Mary, Florida

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7 Ways to Dress Your Wedding Dog

dog dress

Wedding Dog Idea: A Custom Tux!

dress dog

We know, it’s a little over-the-top, but if you’re having a formal wedding, a made-for-dogs tux is the right idea.

Wedding Dog Idea: Add a Floral Lei
dress dog

An easy way to dress up a larger dog like this big guy is to put a floral wreath around his neck. Attach a leash to his collar so your attendant can walk him down the aisle.

Wedding Dog Idea: Add a Clip-on Tie
dress dog

A clip-on tie from the kids’ section of your nearest department store makes a cute addition to a smaller dog’s collar. Find one that matches the bridesmaid dresses and add a couple fresh flowers to finish it off.

Wedding Dog Idea: Coordinating Collars

dress dog

Your wedding dog doesn’t need flowers or a tux to fit in — wrap their collars with extra fabric or ribbons and they’ll be ready for the show in no time.

Wedding Dog Idea: Add a Faux Pearl Necklace

dress dog

Make her feel like a princess with a simple beaded necklace tied off with a bow in the back. Buy an oversized fake pearl necklace like this one in the children’s aisle of a party or toy store.

Wedding Dog Idea: Give Him the Ring

dress dog

If you think your dog is up to the challenge, appoint him ring bearer and tie a light pillow around his collar. Just make sure a dog-loving bridal party attendant is there to walk him down the aisle!

Wedding Dog Idea: Add a Bow Tie
dress dog
Similar to the clip-on tie idea, get a bow tie (that coordinates with the groomsman attire) for your dog. All the better if he’ll sit still for portraits.